VERONA, Wis. -

This tick season was expected to be a bad one for animals. One local veterinarian described it as the worst he's seen in 30 years of practice.

However, dog owner Amy Ahrens said her two Labradors have yet to come home with any ticks.

"I stay in the dog parks where they keep the grass nice and low. I haven't had any trouble," said Ahrens.

Other pet owners have not been so lucky.

This season the Animal Hospital of Verona has seen a high number of pets come in with ticks; dogs especially are coming in with Lyme disease.

"I think it just has to do with weather condition this year, warm weather condition, relatively a lot of moisture. Ticks love that," said Dr. Barney Smith, chief of staff at Animal Hospital of Verona.

Smith said they have seen more deer ticks, ones that carry Lyme disease, and a new tick, the lone star tick.

To keep your pets safe, stay away from high grass and wooded areas, but if you go through a tick-infested area, check your pet at the end of the day, Smith said. He also advised using a preventative treatment once a month to help kill and prevent ticks from attaching.

Warning signs your pet could have contracted Lyme disease include fever, lethargy and sometimes kidney disease.

If your dog or cat is showing those symptoms you are advised to call a veterinarian right away.