The United States Postal Service is warning customers about scam emails containing links or attachments that install viruses onto personal computers, according to a release.

The emails claim the customer is missing a package delivery from the USPS and have a label with fraudulent information about an attempted or intercepted package delivery, officials said. Links or attachments in the scam emails install a virus that can steal personal information.

Madison Postmaster Paul Nistler said customers should not click on the links.

“We want to keep our customers safe,” said Nistler. “Lately, we’ve been receiving complaints from customers about receiving emails about missing delivery.”

Officials are telling customers to delete the message.

The USPS Inspection Service is working to resolve the issue and shut down the malicious program, according to the release.

“If you’re not sure about the email you received, you can delete the message or contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service,” said Nistler.

Officials said anyone who wants to report a scam or has questions should call 1-800-275-8777.