Twin sisters given up for adoption at birth were recently reunited after a record 78 years apart.

Ann Hunt lives in England and Elizabeth Hamel in Oregon.

They hugged each other for the first time at a hotel in Fullerton, California, last week thanks to a nudge from their children and help from a psychology professor, the Orange County Register reported.

"How lovely to see you in the flesh," Hamel said as the two embraced.

Hunt said she only learned she had a twin after she began searching for her birth mother following the death of her adopted mother.

Hamel knew she had a twin, but never thought she'd see her.

The women are not likely identical twins, but do look alike. They both married men named Jim and have the same affinity for jewelry, according to BBC News.

Their 78 years apart is the longest such gap on record, according to Guinness World Records.

Watch their reunion below, or by clicking here: