A 10-pound Chihuahua poodle mix is being hailed as a hero for saving a girl from a rattlesnake in Texas.

Maya Delarosa and her sister were playing in Hueco Tanks when the snake, coiled and ready to strike, startled them near a cooler.

 "Me and my little sister were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle and I look down and there's a snake," Maya told Waco TV station KCEN.

Luckily, "Psycho" was nearby and sprang into action.

The dog got in front of Maya and was bitten by the snake. While he suffered a bite on his eyelid, doctors believe Psycho will make a full recovery.

"I love my little dog but I mean he saved her life. … Oh god! He's my, he’s my hero," the girls' grandmother, Martha Rodriguez, told KCEN.