Madison police said the crowd celebrating the Badgers men’s basketball team’s Elite Eight victory Saturday night on State Street was well-behaved.

There were no arrests or injuries reported after the Madison Police Department increased staffing in preparation for a celebration if the team beat Arizona in Anaheim, Cali.

Capt.Brian Ackeret said there doesn’t appear to be any property damage, but a construction company working in the 500 block of State Street will have to check their scaffolding over a sidewalk after fans climbed on top of the temporary structure during the celebration.


One officer on scene estimated the State Street crowd at around 10,000 people just minutes after the Badgers overtime win.

Ackeret said Saturday night’s fan reaction was different from other similar State Street celebrations in the past because of social media.

“(There were) a lot more people showing up and in a much quicker time frame,” Ackeret said. “Everyone was on their phones and on social media saying, ‘Meet me on State Street.’”