Texas shooting brings back memories of 2012 Sikh Temple shooting

Texas shooting brings back memories...

MADISON, Wis. - The attack in Texas is drumming up memories of past shootings at places of worship, most notably for Wisconsinites 2012's shooting in Oak Creek at a Sikh Temple, that left six, excluding the gunman, dead.

Many members of the Sikh Society of Wisconsin Madison had friends and family at the temple in Oak Creek. Balwander Singh Seerha, the society's director said the attack had a lasting impact on the group.

“We felt pretty scared and helpless,” Seerha said.

As a result the society had their building in Middleton outfitted with 16 security cameras. They also now call on the Middleton police to be present during big events. 

While Seerha said  he doesn’t plan to make any major security changes as a result of the latest church shooting there will certainly be a discussion about it.

The society says they are thinking of the victims in Texas.

“Our hearts go out to them,” Seerha said.

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