The Spam Report: Day #200: "Send details"

MY DESK: MADISON - I'm not much of an athlete. In the world of tell me something I don't know, you're wondering why I bring up this obvious fact.

It's because back in the day, I actually played tennis pretty well. Came to the sport unfortunately kind of late in my youth, right before high school, so I never had any time to develop any consistency, but I had flashes of being competitive with others in my age group. Won a few plastic trophies that the kids enjoy bending and breaking when they're hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Anyhow, my parents indulged me one summer and sent me to a tennis camp at Carthage College down in Kenosha. The motto for the counselors was, "No pain, no gain." We were going to have to sacrifice in order to get better. Gain was equated most certainly with pain. So, when I broke my foot and kept playing through the pain that shot up into my hip every time I lifted my leg, I thought I was seriously gaining to become the next John McEnroe.

Clearly, that didn't happen. However, the lesson of working hard to accomplish your goals is one that's stuck with me since.

It's why I look with particular disdain at the types of spam/scam that Vic sent in to The Spam Report. You see, there's no effort here. It's simply lazy and thus, should be deleted as many times as your computer will allow. I admire the creativity of some of these spam/scam efforts and wonder whether they'd have a future in marketing or some other legitimate industry, but what you see below, other than indulging me an opportunity to share a painful childhood memory, does not deserve any more of our time.

Just hit delete.

Have a great day. Thanks again, Vic.


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Date: 08/12/14 15:36:13


Subject: d


Send details to receive  your donation amount of 6000,000.00 price from Ira Curry NAME*...ADDRESS*...MOBILE*...OCCUPATION*...AGE*...COUNTRY

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