The Spam Report: Day #196: "cSCAM VICTIM PAYMENT"


Dear Ms. Carman Lapointe,

If you wish to scam/spam me or anyone else in the future, it helps to spell know that the word "Scam" is not spelled "cSCAM" as it appears in your note to me of Sunday, Aug. 3.

The United Nations, I'm sure, with its headquarters in New York, would not allow such a license to be used in its name with the English language.

Sometimes, a duck really is a duck just as a "cScam" is often really a "SCAM."

Just hit delete.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ms. Carman Lapointe []
Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2014 8:33 PM

Dear Unpaid Beneficiary,

My name is Ms. Carman L. Lapointe, Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary- General For Internal Oversight Services. You will get more information about me here.

Meanwhile, I wish to inform you that you are among the scam victims listed to be released their overdue funds by the UNITED NATIONS in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after the last encounter we held concerning your funds. As directed by the UN secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in collaborations with Federal Reserve Bank and Department of the U.S. Treasury, I wish to state categorically that a transfer of $10,500,000.00 drawn on First Citizens Bank will be made to your bank account as almost 99% cost associated with the transfer of your funds had been prepaid by the U.S. Government. The only fee you will pay is the cost of processing a "Fund Clearance Certificate" by First Citizens Bank.

Note that the Fund Clearance Certificate is required in accordance with the U.S. domestic and international Monetary Transfer Policy. It is the only fee you will have to pay before your funds can be transferred to your account. After you have paid for the above mentioned certificate, First Citizens Bank will process it and send a copy of it to you for your perusal. Be informed that your overdue payment worth $10,500,000.00 only will be credited into your account you will furnish with the First Citizens Bank without any delay because your funds has been approved by United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and United States Government.

In accordance to the above information, I wish to inform you that we have been mandated by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) department through the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States Department of the Treasury to release your overdue funds directly from the United Nations Compensation Fund Account via Telegraphic Transfer into your designated bank account. Note that the above sum is the payment of compensation awarded to you for losses and trauma resulting directly from scam committed against you in line with the Resolution 1483 (2012) adopted by the United Nations Security Council Headquarters in New York following series of complaints by the scam victims.

NOTE: I have received numerous e-mails saying that I went to Nigeria concerning your funds. Please ignore such e-mail because I did not travel to Nigeria for such objective. I am here in the United States of America. Nigeria is No.1 fraudulent country, almost 50% Nigerians are impostors. They valued impersonation immensely. Right from this moment, I will advise you to stop all further conversation with whomever you might be in contact with, promising to transfer money to you, either through Lottery Winnings, Act as a Next of Kin, investment plan, dating from any social websites or any other related issue that involves transferring money as they are all nothing but fraudulent.

Kindly get back to me with your full name, full address and direct phone number so that I will furnish you with the First Citizens Bank remittance director's contact information. Remember, he will instruct you on how to send the money to them as soon as you contact him.

Alternatively, you can email me on this e-mail

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Carman Lapointe

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