The Spam Report: Day #117: "SEED OF FAITH"

MY DESK: MADISON - I harbor no illusions of this blog's impact on preventing spammers from scamming folks around the area. I hope we've helped a few people, but these cons weren't built in a day and fighting them will take longer than 117 days.

One such group that's been in the business of trying to protect consumers for far longer is the Better Business Bureau. So, I find it even more amusing that the scammers/spammers will even target them on occasion.

Below, you'll see an email sent to Kimberly Hazen, who runs the Southwest Region of the BBB here in Wisconsin. What I've always enjoyed about speaking with Kimberly is she shares my sarcasm toward these types of scams.

"Would you like $3.25 million?" she wrote me when she suggested I include this in a Spam Report. "Sounds pretty awesome to me."

It would be, if it weren't so ridiculous. You have a better chance of winning the Powerball, being bitten by sharks, watching my beloved Chicago Cubs win the World Series and being struck by lightning than you do of being "chosen... as a blessing from God" by a dying woman who wants you to help her spend millions helping the downtrodden, with a cut for yourself, of course, due to your troubles and efforts.

If you have any doubt if one of these emails is legitimate, do what I just did. Summarize it one or two sentences and literally type or write it out. Then go back and read what you just wrote and you'll realize if the plot is more improbable than a Twilight Zone story line (, or in other words, "crazier than a soup sandwich," then the someone who spammed you is in the process of trying to scam you.

Just hit delete. Thanks to Kimberly for sending this over.

Have a great weekend.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joy Ngo <>
Date: Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 9:37 AM
Subject: SEED OF FAITH(Charity Donation)

Dear beloved,

My name is Mrs. Joy Ngo.  addressing this message to you
might sound to you as a surprise, but I want you to know that you where
being chosen amongst various emails for this project, please do accept
it as a blessing from God made possible through a woman with a good and
sincere heart towards the poor. Through these projects millions will be
positively touched, though important, but through God nothing is
impossible. Each day that passes by, I feel no improvement in my health
as I do not know whether I will survive as I have undergone different
surgical operations.Beloved, each day that passes by, I am afraid to
 die, but life gives me no choice, but to answer the call; my prayer
each day is to have a place in Heaven. I have suffered a lot as a result
 of this incurable sickness!The only and most precious desire and
highest help that I need from you at this point is to be in constant prayers with me as I believe you have an open heart and also believe in GOD. I would be so much happy to
see that my funds are properly used to help the poor orphans, less
privileged etc before leaving this world as this will be a great relieve
 for me and my soul. This is a great and huge responsibility to handle,
but I do pray that God will be with you and give you strength and might
to handle these projects, hence I am giving you these sum ($3,250,000)
Three million, two hundred & fifty thousand USD, for you to handle
 it as it is yours with the sole and unique interest of helping the most
 less privileged. You will also be highly recompensed!Many a times, I
kept asking myself the need of being alive? What are
the purposes of my existing in this world? I lived inutile; I do not
have a child as a result of my sterility, but my only source of joy will
 be accomplished by reading from you and hearing that you also have a
sincere heart towards the orphans and ready to handle these projects!I
am presently hospitalized as a result of my poor health: I will be
very happy to read from you and also put you in contact with the
institution in charge of the transaction in order to start all necessary
 procedures so as to enable you to have possession of my funds as soon
as possible before my next surgical operations.I looking forward to
hearing from you and God bless you

Yours Faithfull
Mrs Joy Ngo

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