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Steve Van Dinter Reviews Plant Sensor

EasyBloom Plant Sensor Rating: 4.5 out of 5Price: $59.95

Here's a gadget that can make a green thumb out of anyone. How many times have you received a plant for maybe a new job, housewarming or your living room, only to have it die a couple of months later? Enter in the amazing device called the EasyBloom Plant Sensor.

It serves three purposes -- it'll recommend plants at your location, it'll diagnose problems with your plant and it'll also tell you when plants need to be watered.

To begin, you register a free account on the Web site and download a small software program. Then you can plug the device into your USB port.

Next, tell the device whether you want it to monitor your plants or recommend plants and then unplug it from your computer.

In recommend mode, place it wherever you want to grow a plant inside or outside and it'll actually monitor soil moisture, humidity, temperature and light intensity using the same technology NASA used on its Mars phoenix mission! It'd be great for someone who wants to plant a garden but is unsure what would grow best or maybe for people who want a houseplant but have no idea which would work for their location.

I left this device on my bedroom windowsill and the living room windowsill for a couple of days and it collected data. Once I plugged it into my computer, it downloaded all the information it collected and that information was used to essentially Google for plants that would be perfect for my home environment.

In monitor mode, the device is looking to help diagnose an ailing plant. First you tell the device what kind of plant you have. Then you water your plant and place the device into the soil. If it beeps, the plant needs to be watered. There'll also be an audible sound if it finds something urgent that demands attention. After 24 hours, simply plug EasyBloom back into the computer and you'll see if it's the light that's the problem, water, or maybe temperature. No need to guess anymore at what's making your plant a little yellow.

The Upsides: It's really easy to use. No need for directions here. Just plug it in to the computer, select what you want it to do and it does the rest. I don't know about you but I don't have a green thumb at all, so if it can save me from some embarrassment, it's worth it!

The Downsides: The only real downside I found was it doesn't monitor the soil composition. So if you have a plant that needs to be fed, you're not going to know whether you're overfeeding or underfeeding.

The Bottom Line: If you feel like you could use an extreme plant makeover or just can't figure out what's wrong with your plant, it's a great product. Pick one up and it just might make your friends green with envy!

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