Gadget Guy: BlackBerry Storm And Samsung Delve

Samsung Delve Rating: 4 out of 5Price: $99

BlackBerry Storm Rating: 4 out of 5Price: $199

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Samsung Delve

The Samsung Delve is a phone you may have seen a lot of in commercials recently. This sleek, slim gadget easily fits into a pocket, has surprisingly excellent battery life and has superb call quality.

It features a 2.0 megapixel digital camera, has a touch screen, and runs on US Cellular?s newly launched 3G network.

The touch screen is highly responsive and easy to use. Like other touch phones, it will vibrate a little when you click on something to let you know that it registered.

There's a menu feature on the home screen that allows you to drag and drop frequently used icons so that you are able to go straight to Facebook for instance, or your photos without having to go deeper into the phone.

With 3G, or high speed interne, the phone also is able to tune in to live TV streams. It gets more than 50 channels, many of them delayed by less than 30 seconds from their live broadcasts. The quality isn't too bad for a phone and there are a decent number of channels.

If you prefer buttons to a touch screen you may be disappointed. There isn't a flip out keyboard and that means when you're texting it's all by touch.

To get a full QWERTY keyboard you need to select QWERTY from the dropdown box and then rotate it. I don?t see you doing a whole lot of texting on this device as it does take some time to input.

This phone is really geared at people who want to have a slim, high tech phone, but not necessarily do a lot of texting.

The Upsides: The call quality really is first rate. It's easy to use and the live TV stream is pretty cool to have. In addition, the camera is decent and takes the picture with little lag.

The Downsides: I found the touch input to be a bit frustrating as it slowed down my texting speed immensely. The screen also locks itself after a predetermined time and you have to press and hold an unlock key to be able to touch the screen again. This also happens while you are in a call and can be a bit annoying.

The Bottom Line: If you're for a phone that handles calls great, plus has some bells and whistles to impress your friends, this is for you

BlackBerry Storm

This is BlackBerry's first go at a touch screen and it's a pretty solid device.

It has touch screen navigation, but this screen is unique in the fact that it "clicks." So as you are navigating you can lightly touch the screen, but if you want to launch an application or click on a link, you have to press into the screen. It takes a little to get used to but once you do, it's something you'll likely enjoy.

In addition to the unique touch interface, the Storm has all the standard features of a BlackBerry, the most important, the ability to send and receive your work and personal emails.

It also comes loaded with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera with an amazingly bright flash.

You can download and play games, music and movies. Its LCD screen does a great job with displaying videos and the audio is outstanding!

The Web browser is full html, meaning you?ll see pages as you do on your computer and a 3G internet connection means a speedier experience. If you're a business traveler and you go overseas, in addition to being able to connect to the CDMA network which is what Verizon uses, the phone can also switch to GSM mode giving you the ability to make calls from around the world -- although you'll still have to pay roaming fees.

When it comes to e-mail, it works like a traditional BlackBerry with many of the same menu options. Only you will be touching the screen rather than using buttons or a scroll wheel.

I personally found that flipping the screen to reveal the full keyboard worked the best. And while it is still slower than my BlackBerry with physical buttons, the click screen is a step above just a traditional touch.

Another advantage, the device comes loaded with pocket versions of Microsoft Office. This means you can finally open those PowerPoints or Excel sheets and edit them!

The Upsides: I really liked the device?s design, it's solid and large but not bulky. The speakerphone on it is great. The headset audio was a bit muddled. The click screen is a tremendous step ahead of other touch screen phones. The camera, while a bit slow, did a great job with pictures especially because of its built in flash.

The Downsides: I found emailing on it to be slower than a standard BlackBerry with buttons and you'll notice it's a bit sluggish when it comes to selecting applications or when rotating it. If you bought it right away that was probably your biggest gripe about the phone. BlackBerry has released new software though which makes a huge difference.

The Bottom Line: Overall this phone is great for someone who likes technology, new features and wants an overall multimedia experience with their phone, and of course, wants access to e-mail the moment it's received.

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