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YMCA of Dane County Pools in High Demand… balances facility schedules to meet the needs


Dane County, WI – November 2013. The Y is no different than many other businesses in our community needing to balance a budget and find efficiencies.  As a non-profit organization, the Y must be fiscally responsible so that they can continue to meet its mission focused on core programming related to Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. 


In preparing for the 2014 budget year the Y had difficult decisions to make and its priorities need to be on all 25,000 kids and adults they serve.  "The decisions we will continue to make prioritize our core programming in Youth Development; swim, sports, child care, and camp," said Carrie Wall, President and CEO of the YMCA of Dane County.  "We will focus on the early years of youth development, which means instilling our core values while preparing children to be ready for school, teaching them water safety and learning to swim, and teaching them the basics of sports," said Wall. "We will also continue to support the needs of kids and families during out of school time and do our best to balance our facility schedules to meet all these needs.  With 3 full facilities we looked at how we can optimize our space to accommodate everyone without canceling programs like Swim Team."


"We heard from some swim team parents that we have plans to stop offering swim team after April and I guarantee that it is simply not true," said Carrie Wall. "We will continue to meet the needs of kids and families in this community that fits into our core programming."


Part of the redesign in operations led the Y to reduce a few administrative and director positions.  "These decisions were made weeks ago but they were just informed this week.  Like many businesses, especially non profits, due to increases in fixed costs we needed to evaluate administrative costs and cut back to assure we can meet our mission," said Carrie Wall. "The Swim Director position at West was eliminated as part of the reduction and has nothing to do with performance.  Again, I'm sorry that this decision has affected you and your children but it was a necessary business decision and the Swim Directors remaining are very qualified," said Wall.


The date for the swim team practice change is scheduled for the week of January 6, 2014, as the Y works to accommodate the needs for Winter 1 session. Winter programming sessions are the busiest time of the year and demands are highest for all YMCA space.  Swim is a core program but the priority at the Y is for the youth developmental programs.  The competitive programs like swim team and Tri County Basketball will continue, but as in all healthy Y's pool and gym time are business challenges as they tend to be the highest demand.  




About the YMCA of Dane County: At the YMCA of Dane County, we are committed to reaching out and touching as many lives as we can, so that we can improve the quality of life for ALL within our area by moving the mark on huge societal issues such as youth obesity, academic readiness and total family health. The YMCA is the best equipped nonprofit service organization to effect change.

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