Apparel retailer, Sconnie Nation, won a fair use of copyright lawsuit that was filed after the retailer made a T-shirt featuring the official portrait of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, according to a release.

The T-shirt produced by Sconnie Nation in 2012 for the Mifflin Street Block Party featured Soglin’s picture and the text “sorry for partying.”

Sconnie nation admitted that the shirt was meant to poke fun of Soglin’s flip-flopping views relating to the Mifflin Street Block Party, according to the release. Soglin attended the first block party and was arrested at the event.

Michael Kienitz, the picture’s photographer, filed a copyright lawsuit against Sconnie Nation, according to the release. The judge ruled that Sconnie Nation’s use of mayor’s official photo for the purposes of political and social commentary was a fair use, and therefore not infringement.