School celebrates 50th birthday for dishwasher who raises money for charity every birthday

School celebrates 50th birthday for...

EDGEWOOD, Wis. - Richard Hare has washed the dishes at Edgewood High School in Madison for the past 18 years. Today is his 50th birthday. 

Instead of celebrating himself, he says he wants to put the attention on other people, particularly those who need help in our community. For the past 15 years, Hare has held a raffle at school during the week of his birthday to raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank. 

"I always think of Richard as the best lesson plan that we could have at this school," campus minister Amy Richardson said. "We could tell kids a million times they should give of what they have, but Richard is the example of someone who doesn't have a lot but gives a lot." 

The school surprised Hare today with a special party that included lunch with basically the entire school and his family. They even wore aprons and sang "Happy Birthday" as an homage to him.

"I took a risk 18 years ago as a very shy person, and this is the end result of that, and it makes me proud and love you all," Hare said. 

Hare gave out prizes to students who participated in this week's raffle. 

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