Police arrested the man who allegedly stole pain-killing patches and cash from a Walgreens on Madison's east side Tuesday morning.

Benjamin D. Zaemisch, 27, passed a note at a Madison Walgreens Tuesday morning and robbed the store of cash and pain-killing patches, police said.

A weapon was implied but not seen.

Police were called to the Walgreens on 3710 E. Washington Ave. at 8:50 a.m., and they used a dog to track the robber.

An officer saw Zaemisch in the 4800 block of East Washington Avenue a little later in the morning, according to a release. He took off running and jumped into a car at a nearby gas station.

The vehicle's owner was pumping gas, and Zaemisch tried to drive off, but the keys were not in the ignition, police said. Officers arrested him at the gas station.

Zaemisch was arrested on charges of robbery and other tentative charges.

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