It took 9 hours for Dane County's emergency telephone notification system to send calls to residents in a three-mile radius during a manhunt on Thursday, according to county officials.

The alerts were sent as police and the FBI searched for Paris Poe, 33, a wanted man who was spotted in Fitchburg Thursday morning and fled before the FBI could make an arrest. He was arrested on Madison’s east side Thursday night.

Emergency management officials said some residents in the three-mile radius around where the search started received a call after Poe was captured. The system made 30,000 calls. It can make 48 phone calls at a time.

Dane County emergency management officials said they're in the process of upgrading the call system. The system is ready but has yet to be activated. The system will allow officials to put out calls in a more user-friendly way, according to county officials.

For those interested in getting calls or alerts from Dane County can sign up here.