Renewable energy conference focuses on working with agriculture

Wind and solar could supplement income for farmers

Renewable energy conference focuses...

MADISON, Wis. - At the 6th Annual Renewable Energy Summit the focus is on the technological advancements that have improved efficiency and the drop in costs making it more affordable.

“Prices for wind power have come down about 60 percent in the last decade. Prices for solar have come down over 60 percent in the same time frame. Economically they are becoming attractive options,” said Tyler Huebner, executive director of RENEW Wisconsin.

Going forward, RENEW Wisconsin hopes to pair renewable energy sources with agriculture.

“We think absolutely there is a lot of synergy actually between them because revenues from wind farms will help really boost farmers’ incomes and level it out in years where crops might go up and down. The payments from having a wind turbine on your farm would stay the same,” Huebner said.

The dairy industry in Wisconsin could also benefit from new developments being made in renewable energy.

“Another big and exciting opportunity on the dairy side is with dairy manure and other waste products and using that for usable energy.  The state is investing $20 million into looking at using biogas as a renewable energy source and expanding that here in Wisconsin,” Huebner said.

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