A clown working in a dunk tank at a local fair was fired after he shouted racist comments at a black woman and her family.

Tanya Jones told local station WMC Action News that she and her family were attending the Delta Fair in Memphis, Tennessee on Labor Day when she heard someone shout at her over a loud speaking, "Hey nappy head." Jones quickly realized that the person yelling insults at her was the clown inside the dunk tank.

The clown, whose job it is to provoke fair-goers into paying money to dunk him in the booth, continued with the racist comments, "Yeah, I'm talking to you, Shaneneh. You look unbe-weav-able."

While Jones understands that insults are part of the dunk-tank clown's job, she felt the comments aimed at her crossed the line.

The Delta Fair's president agreed. The clown was fired and replaced, and the fair has refunded the cost of the family's tickets.