Profiles: 81st Assembly District candidates

Rep. Fred Clark (D) v. Scott Frostman (R)

Fred Clark: Contractor
Scott Frostman: Real Estate Banker

Where they stand

In the last state budget, higher education sustained massive funding cuts.  Smaller UW system colleges were expected to be disproportionately effected.  News 3 anchor Eric Franke asked the candidates how the quality could be sustained at a time of devastating cuts.

Rep. Fred Clark: "You know UW Baraboo allows students from the Sauk County area to finish half of a four year college degree while living at home and enjoying relatively reasonable tuition rates but getting all the  same classes to finish a four year degree whether it's UW Madison or any of the other four year colleges in the system.  We have to continue investing in that system.  That's what helps retain people with skills and the ability to actually contribute back to our communities in a strong way working at home."

Scott Frostman: "Well I think that's something that both Fred and I agree on.  That UW system is an essential component in our state and essential component in our economy.  Certainly UW Baraboo is wonderful bridge that kids have to start their educational path with being able to be at home and not having to for some kids, it's time to venture out and go directly to UW Madison.  But certainly we need to sustain our commitment to education."

Franke also asked the candidates about manufacturing in Sauk County after its largest facility -- the Badger Ammo Plant, vacant for years -- has now been completely demolished.  Is there a sizable manufacturing future? 

Profiles: 81st Assembly District candidates

Rep. Clark: "We've got in Sauk County especially which is the largest part of the 81st we've got a very diverse manufacturing base.  Sauk County has done better than much of the state I think because of that.  We need to do things like invest in insuring our freight rail system and Sauk County is still strong."

Frostman: "Certainly with us being just a little bit outside of the Central Madison hub, I think that Sauk County and the surrounding areas from Marina to Portage, certainly in kind of that circle around Madison, is certainly an opportunity for businesses to come to Sauk County and come to those areas and find a place to grow."

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