Profiles: 47th District Assembly candidates

Sandy Bakk (R) v. Robb Kahl (D)

Sandy Bakk: Nurse, American Family Children's Hospital
Robb Kahl: Owner, Generations Title, Attorney, Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Where they stand

News 3 anchor Eric Franke asked the candidates their views on creating a better climate for job creation.

Robb Kahl: "Well I think we have to work with business a little more, and not be reactionary to things happening out in the marketplace, so I think things that we can do from the beginning is do a better connection between public communication, the K-12 system, the technical college system and the UW System with business. We have a lot of businesses out there with vacancies, but they're telling us they've got the trained workforce to fill those spots. We need to do a better job of finding out where those openings are, making those connections with the education system and training people to do so."

Sandy Bakk: "Well I think Mr. Kahl has some very good ideas I actually agree with him on a lot of his ideas. The one difference that I have versus him is, I have some I think really intense concerns about how our educational system is dealing with the minority population. We have so many of our minorities who are not, the educational system as it is, is not meeting their needs, and I think we really need to make that a priority to engage those families. those students, and really get them into a place where they can become contributing members of our society. The other thing that I think is really important is controlling regulation, controlling spending by our government. I think when the state government shows restraint and the desire to really respect taxpayers, I guess. that gives businesses confidence that they can come into our state and know what to expect in the future, that we don't carry a huge deficit that we respect that. We can't have a massive government while growing the private sector."

Profiles: 47th District Assembly candidates

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