Profiles: 43rd District Assembly candidates

Rep. Evan Wynn (R) v. Rep. Andy Jorgensen (D)

Evan Wynn: Teacher, Football Coach
Andy Jorgensen: Farmer

Where they stand

In their sit-down conversation, News 3 anchor Eric Franke asked the candidates what they might propose to bolster job creation in their district.

Rep. Evan Wynn: "Well I think that we continue on the same path we started in 2011. It's to reduce government, over burn some regulations. Yesterday I was at Husco, a plant in Whitewater and they employ about 670 people. And they make pneumatic parts and valves; they ship all over the world. One of the biggest things they said, is we have to decide when we're going to expand, if we're going to expand to Iowa or stay and expand here in Wisconsin. And he said, before 2011 they were looking more at Iowa, because, there's less regulations."

Eric Franke: "Now was there too much regulation? Is that something you sensed as well, or, and what is your view on getting jobs back?"

Rep. Andy Jorgensen:  "Well Eric, I like going into the businesses that I represent and asking the question, ‘What can the state do to help?' And the question is answered this way, a lot of times: We need the workers for tomorrow, we need to have knowledgeable workforce. And in this last session we saw that there was a hit, in our technical colleges of over $70 million. We need to invest in our tech colleges because businesses need welders.  They need people that know how to run that piece of equipment, that is going to be the new piece of equipment on the block. We need to stay ahead of that."

Profiles: 43rd District Assembly candidates

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