Profiles: 31st District Assembly candidates

Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R) v. Ryan Schroeder (D)

Amy Loudenbeck: Owns small agri-business venture, real estate
Ryan Schroeder: State Legislative Aide

Where they stand

As part of an extended conversation, News 3 anchor Eric Franke asked the candidates their views on job creation.

Rep. Amy Loudenbeck: "Well, I think we're seeing progress.  Some of the initiatives we've put forward in the last session lead to the creation of 3,500 jobs this year in Rock County.  And moving forward, I think businesses want a sense of certainty in regards with what to expect with regulations in government.  Then another critical issue in that area is the work force skills-gap.  And I've been working several different angles to try to address that particular issue."

Profiles: 31st District Assembly candidates

Schroeder: I agree with that.  My experience and background is 12 years on the Delavan City Council actually out of all of those three districts in the city limits, I represent the one that's got the most industry and business.  So I've often worked over the years with different stakeholders, and I think that's what we need to do.  We need to work with our chambers, work with the different stakeholders.  I think one thing I certainly disagree with the last legislative session was the funding cuts that we saw to our technical schools and to our public education.  I think it starts there.  We hear, and I've heard personally, businesses want to come here when we've got a skilled, educated workforce, and for me, I think the difference between myself and my opponent, I think we both care about education overall, but for me it's a priority to make sure we've got the resources at our tech schools and at our public schools.  And in tough times, not to take that funding away and give it to other alternatives."

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