Ryan dodges vice president question in Janesville stop

U.S. representative holds listening session with constituents

JANESVILLE, Wis. - U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., answered tough questions from his constituents at a listening session in Janesville on Friday.

But there's one question he's avoiding: Will he or won't he run as a Republican vice presidential nominee?
One constituent asked, "What do you think is a better job, vice president or treasury secretary?" Ryan responded, "I haven't given thought to that either. I'm not going to answer that. You think I'm going to answer that question?"
Tom German said he traveled from Berlin to show his support for Ryan on Friday.
"I wanted to shout in there, ‘Paul Ryan for vice president,'" German said.
Even though it didn't come up during the listening session, the thought of a 2012 bid was on many people's minds.
"His budget is everything we need. We need to do some drastic cutting to survive as a nation," German said.
"I say, 'Think again.' Personally, I think it would be a disaster. I wouldn't vote for that," said Lars Prip, a protester from Afton.
Outside Ryan's Constituent Services Center on Main Street, some said having a Wisconsinite in the White House could help the local economy.

Ryan dodges vice president question in Janesville stop video

"I've seen him on TV. He's a really smart gentleman, and people need jobs," said Janesville resident Valentina Pinhasik.
"His policies are useful and effective at a local level, but I think applying them nationwide probably on average wouldn't be good for the nation," said Janesville resident Ray Adkins.
"Paul Ryan is a solid conservative Republican. I know he's done a lot for Janesville," said former resident John Sullivan. "I think he would make a very good choice."
Some bishops in the Roman Catholic Church disagreed with the congressman after he said his Republican House budget plan was crafted using his Catholic faith.
In reference to that incident, Ryan said on Friday that people of good will can disagree.

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