In a major story posted online Wednesday, newspaper Guardian US has posted a trove of leaked documents from the now-closed John Doe investigation into coordination between Gov. Scott Walker and conservative groups, including Wisconsin Club for Growth.

The story shares the documents, which show emails between Walker and his advisors before his 2012 recall elections, and how they raised millions of dollars to campaign during that time. A $10,000 check from financier G. Frederick Kasten Jr. was written to WI Club for Growth during that time with the subject line "Because Scott Walker asked." Timelines of meetings with Republican donors like Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson and businessman and now-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump also show them donating to Wisconsin Club for Growth after meeting with Walker.

Many of the details included in the article were known through court filings in the John Doe case, which was shut down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2015 in a 4-2 ruling. Justices ordered many of the documents destroyed, but Guardian reporters said they obtained a surviving copy.

The governor's campaign immediately pushed back on the assertions in the story.

"As widely reported two years ago, the prosecutor’s attorney stated that Governor Walker was not a target," said campaign spokesman Joe Fadness. "Several courts shut down the baseless investigation on multiple occasions, and there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing."

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