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IRS scrutinizes tea party groups

Tea party group says IRS asked about Walker recall

A tea party group says the Internal Revenue Service asked about its involvement in efforts to verify signatures in the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott…

Dalai Lama vists Madison in May 2010

Walker meets with Dalai Lama before speech

Gov. Scott Walker says he spent most of the time during his meeting with the Dalai Lama listening.

Report: $69M in recall spending outside Wis.

A new report states two-thirds of the more than $100 million spent by candidates and other interest groups in the series of recall elections over the past two…

Act 10: A look back

In light of the circuit court ruling on Gov. Walker's collective bargaining bill, we take a look back at the history of this much-debated legislation.

Recall elections cost taxpayers $13.5 million

The Government Accountability Board says the cost of the gubernatorial recall elections to local taxpayers was $13.5 million.

Grand jury: Madison man threatened to bomb Dem HQ

A federal grand jury has indicted a Madison man on a charge of phoning in threats to the state Democratic Party's headquarters.

Walker says he feels 'super' since recall ended

Gov. Scott Walker says not having to worry any more about the recall has allowed him to focus on other issues.

Gov. Scott Walker

Nearly $81 million spent on Walker recall

Figures released Wednesday show nearly $81 million was spent on the failed effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Democrats to take control of state Senate

The Wisconsin state Senate goes back to being led by Democrats Tuesday, after John Lehman of Racine was sworn in to office following a recall election last…

Democrats to take Wisconsin Senate Tuesday

Democrats plan to officially take control of the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday after a recall victory handed them a one-seat majority.

Wis. Senate to discuss transfer of power

Republican state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald said he wants the Senate to meet next week to transfer power from Republicans to Democrats.

Sen. Wanggaard won't challenge recall loss

 Wisconsin state Sen. Van Wanggaard has decided not to challenge his loss in last month's recall election, and is conceding the race to his Democratic rival.

Gov. Scott Walker

Walker spent $16 million on recall TV ads

Gov. Scott Walker spent $16 million on television advertising after Democrats and their allies began circulating recall petitions against him last fall.

Mahlon Mitchell

Wisconsin lt. gov. hopeful spent $165K around recall

A Democrat who hoped to unseat Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in last month's recalls spent more than $165,000 in the weeks surrounding the elections.

Northwestern Wis. Dem spent $34k around senator recall

Campaign finance reports show an Eau Claire Democrat who challenged Republican state Sen. Terry Moulton in last month's recalls spent about $35,000 in the…

Walker spent $6.9 million in weeks around recall

New campaign finance reports show Republican Gov. Scott Walker spent $6.9 million in the weeks surrounding the June 5 recall election.

Recount: Lehman defeats Wanggaard in senate recall

A recount has concluded Democrat John Lehman defeated incumbent Republican Van Wanggaard in last month's state Senate recall races.

State Senate recall recount nearing an end

The recount in a Republican state senator's recall race will wrap up soon, but that doesn't mean the partisan battle will be over.

Wis. recount trends in Dem challenger's favor

Unless major errors are uncovered in the next few days, a recount will conclude that Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard has lost his recall election.

Gov. Scott Walker

Jobs data shows Wisconsin lagged national average

New jobs numbers show Wisconsin lagged the rest of the country in job creation in 2011.

Report: Nearly 58 percent turnout in Wisconsin recall

Final results show nearly 58 percent of voting-age adults turned out for Wisconsin's historic recall election.

Trend of recall recount favors Democratic challenger

The recount in a Racine County recall race shows marginal progress so far for state Sen. Van Wanggaard. 

Prospects of updating Wisconsin recall law are unclear

State lawmakers of both parties agree that Wisconsin's recall law needs to be updated, but they may have trouble finding room to compromise.

Recount under way in state Senate recall race

Racine County has begun its recount in the state Senate recall race that will determine the chamber's majority party.

Elections board officially orders recount in Senate recall

The state elections board has officially ordered a recount in a state Senate recall election.

Wanggaard asks for recount in recall race

State Sen. Van Wanggaard has asked for a recount in last week's recall race. The outcome will determine the majority party in the state Senate.

Wis. GOP lawmaker to decide on recount option

State Sen. Van Wanggaard is expected to announce whether he wants a recount in last week's recall election. The outcome determines the majority party in the…

John Lehman

Canvass: Lehman added to lead in state Senate race

Racine County officials have begun certifying the results of last week's recall race between incumbent state Sen. Van Wanggaard and Democratic challenger John…

Family divided by politics puts party lines aside

Families across Wisconsin are mulling what the future holds for politics now that the recall election has come and gone, and the Klarich family of Oregon is…

Walker focusing on jobs for remainder of term

While Gov. Scott Walker has overcome a recall effort, he doesn't lack for challenges as he completes his first term.

Kind applauds Democrats for recall efforts

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind said Wisconsin Democrats should be proud of their efforts to force recall elections, even if Republicans ended up with major victories.

Priebus: GOP operation now shifts to Romney

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the GOP's get-out-the-vote operation in the Gov. Scott Walker recall is being transitioned to the…

Rock Co. voter turnout expected to be at 65 percent

Rock County residents are showing up at the polls in a big way with turnout anticipated above 65 percent.

Long lines for historic Wisconsin recall election

State and local election officials are reporting heavy voter turnout for Tuesday's historic recall election.

Visiting Marquette Lawu School professor Charles Franklin talks about why Gov. Scott Walker won and where the state goes from here.

Tom Barrett

Barrett hit after recall loss

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said that he doesn't believe Wisconsin's problems have gone away because the recall election is over.

Total spending on recall races tops $125 million

Total spending on 15 recall races, including the one targeting Gov. Scott Walker, will easily top $125 million.

Money spent during recall could exceed $80 million

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign predicts the money spent during the recall election could double the record amount spent in the last gubernatorial election. 

Nation's unions lost big in the Wisconsin showdown

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory put labor unions on the losing end of the biggest showdown on workers' rights in recent U.S. history.

Handshake signals Wisconsin’s political divide starts healing?

After a recall race in which the divide between Republicans and Democrats became so severe it caused neighbors to stop talking and family gatherings to get…

Day after recall win, Walker pivots to jobs agenda

The day after a major victory in Wisconsin's recall election, Gov. Scott Walker struck a conciliatory tone and said he was refocusing his efforts on his agenda…

VIDEO: UW political scientist talks recall outcome

A University of Wisconsin political scientist discusses the recall aftermath.

Walker survives recall challenge

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall election on Tuesday, defeating Democrat Tom Barrett.
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Democrats: We control state Senate

State Senate Democrats are moving ahead as if they have regained control of the chamber through Tuesday's recall elections even though the crucial race is too…

Voter turnout reaches 58 percent in Wisconsin recall

Turnout for the historic Wisconsin recall election will be more than 55 percent.

Walker receives hero's welcome from cabinet

Gov. Scott Walker is receiving a hero's welcome from his cabinet in his first meeting with them after winning a historic recall election.

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald survives recall faceoff

Veteran state Senate Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald has defeated Democrat Lori Compas in Tuesday's recall elections.

John Lehman

Wanggaard still not conceding in Senate race too close to call

Based on unofficial results, Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard is down 779 votes to Democratic challenger John Lehman in a recall race that will determine…

Milwaukee police says its 'evaluating' threats against Walker

The Milwaukee Police Department says it's evaluating threats made against Gov. Scott Walker through social media.


Wisconsin outcome signals opportunity for Romney

Republican Gov. Scott Walker's recall victory in Wisconsin sets up what's now expected to be a hard-fought presidential battle for the Midwestern state.

State Senate control still up in the air

Control of the state Senate was up in the air late Tuesday evening with one last recall contest still undecided.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch wins recall election

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch has survived a recall attempt, defeating Democratic challenger Mahlon Mitchell in a historic recall election.

Sen. Terry Moulton

Moulton retains state Senate seat

Incumbent Republican state Sen. Terry Moulton has retained his seat over a Democratic challenger in northwest Wisconsin recall.

Jerry Petrowski

Petrowski tops Seidel for state Senate seat

Republican Jerry Petrowski has defeated Democrat Donna Seidel for an open Senate seat in Tuesday's recall elections.

Polls close in historic recall election

Polls have closed across Wisconsin on Tuesday night as ballots were cast to determine the fate of Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his allies in the historic…

Kleefisch, Mitchell make final push in Lt. Governor's race

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and firefighter and union leader Mahlon Mitchell did their part to make a final push in the recall election.

Officials: Waiting voters will get ballots

Wisconsin polls are scheduled to close at 8 p.m. but state election officials are stressing that anyone in line then will still get to vote in the state's…

Wisconsin voters divided on bargaining

Voters participating in the Wisconsin recall election are about evenly divided on the changes made to collective bargaining for state government workers.

Tom Barrett Scott Walker generic 2 640x360

Polls open in historic recall election

Polls opened on Tuesday morning as voters will finally decide the direction of the state in Wisconsin's historic recall election.
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Kleefisch hoping to keep job after making history

The first lieutenant governor in U.S. history to face a recall election, Wisconsin Republican Rebecca Kleefisch, is also hoping to be the first one to survive…

Recall candidates rally support in hours before voting begins

With only hours remaining before polls open for Wisconsin's historic recall election, both Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett…

VIDEO: Experts analyze upcoming recall election

Two political experts examine the upcoming recall election on Tuesday.

Gov. Scott Walker

VIDEO: Walker urges supporters to get out the vote

Gov. Scott Walker rallies supporters in the hours before Tuesday's recall election.

Tom Barrett

VIDEO: Barrett campaign believes race is tightening

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett rallied supporters in the hours ahead of the recall vote.

Democrats try to seize state Senate in recall undercard

Democrats are trying to seize control of the state Senate in Tuesday's recall elections, hoping voters angry over Republican Gov. Scott Walker's policies oust…

Obama file 2

President backs Barrett with timely tweet

President Barack Obama has added his voice, virtually, to the Wisconsin recall election fight, sending out a timely tweet backing Democrat Tom Barrett.

Wisconsin holds recall more than a year in making

Both sides of the recall election targeting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are prepared for a razor-thin margin as the Republican tries to become the first U.S.…

Authorities, businesses prepare Capitol Square ahead of recall vote

The Capitol Square in downtown Madison has served as the backdrop for more than a year of political drama. Now police, protesters and area businesses around…

Four state Senate seats are also recall targets

While much of the focus on Tuesday's recall election has been focused on the race for governor, four Republican state senators are also the facing recall…

Clerks issue 206K absentee votes in recall

State election officials say local clerks have issued at least 206,000 absentee ballots for Tuesday's recall elections.

Obama file

Spokesman: Obama hopeful Barrett 'prevails'

President Barack Obama's press secretary said the president hopes Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett beats Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday's recall election.

Barrett says race tightening, dead heat

Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he thinks the recall race against Republican Gov. Scott Walker is now a dead heat heading into Tuesday's election.

Walker, Barrett campaign before election

Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are making a last push to sway voters before Tuesday's recall election.

Federal justice officials to monitor recall elections

The U.S. Justice Department says it will monitor elections in Wisconsin and three other states this week to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act. The…

Voting flyer

Voting history flyer catching recipients by surprise

Thanks to a controversial flyer being mailed out throughout the state, some now know -- or think they know --  whether or not their neighbors have voted in…

Recall election now just hours away

The campaigns of Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett are into the home stretch as the clock ticks toward Tuesday's recall…

Gov. Scott Walker

Man has Walker sign hood of '65 Mustang

When Gov. Scott Walker makes campaign stops, he often obliges supporters who ask him to pose for pictures or autograph signs and T-shirts. But one Menomonee…

Criminologist questions Walker's police ad

A criminologist said Republican Gov. Scott Walker's campaign misrepresented his comments about Milwaukee Police Department crime statistics in a campaign ad.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin

Madison's mayor urges residents to vote

Madison's mayor urged all residents to get out and vote on Tuesday.

GOP leaders rally ahead of recall vote

Republican leaders are telling Gov. Scott Walker's supporters to stick with him in Tuesday's recall election.

Few November clues to be found in Wisconsin recall

You'd think there would be no better harbinger about who will win the White House than Tuesday's vote in Wisconsin to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Barrett: Walker should have kept focus on jobs

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Gov. Scott Walker could have avoided next week's recall election if only he had focused on jobs as he promised, and not gone…

Walker: Recall win would vindicate tough decisions

Gov. Scott Walker said if he survives Tuesday's recall election, his victory will send the message that voters really do want their politicians to make tough…

Recall mailer shows neighbors who voted in 2010 election

A recall mailer, sent by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund to registered voters, is getting a lot of attention in Wisconsin neighborhoods.

Dueling rallies drum up support for gubernatorial candidates

As Tuesday’s election approaches, two dueling rallies in Madison are pulling out all the stops to drum up support for their candidates.

J.B. Van Hollen

Wis. AG to dispatch agents, lawyers to polls

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen plans to dispatch criminal investigators and lawyers to the polls during Tuesday's recall elections to discourage fraud.

Recall candidates enlist Clinton, Haley to drum up support

With the historic recall election only days away, both gubernatorial candidates called in big-name backers on Friday to help as they crisscrossed Wisconsin to…

High absentee voter turnout at the Madison clerk’s office

Friday was the last day to cast absentee ballots for the recall general election and the last one came in at the Madison City Clerk's Office at 7:15 p.m. on…

Walker spokesperson accuses Barrett of lying

A Gov. Scott Walker spokesperson is accusing Tom Barrett of lying. 

Barrett had someone on staff charged with crime

Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said in Thursday's debate with Gov. Scott Walker that during his years in public service, no one on his staff has ever…

Thousands vote absentee in Wisconsin recalls

Thousands of Wisconsin residents juggling summer plans have flooded the polls to vote absentee in the state's recall elections.

Barrett, Walker argue about future of Wisconsin

Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Tuesday's recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker is about the future of Wisconsin.

Man uses lawn sign to ‘Recall Lawn Signs’

A Madison man fatigued with recall politics is taking a creative approach to discourage people from expressing politics on their front lawns.

O'Malley says recall can be swung by turnout

The head of the Democratic Governors Association is heading to Wisconsin to help rally Democrats for next week's recall election.

Clinton rallies Wisconsin Democrats before recall

Former President Bill Clinton is rallying Democrats in Milwaukee on behalf of the city's mayor, Tom Barrett, who's locked in a close race with Republican Gov.…

WISC-TV Editorial Director Neil Heinen talks about Wisconsin's historic recall election.


Reality Check: Ad targets Walker on education cuts, John Doe probe

The John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County is once again mentioned in a new ad running by a third-party group.  

13th person granted immunity in John Doe investigation

A 13th person has been granted immunity in a secret Milwaukee County investigation that has already led to criminal charges against six people close to Gov.…

More than $61 million spent in gubernatorial recall

A government watchdog group said outside groups have spent more than $21 million in Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall, bringing the total spent on the race to…

Reality Check: Ad attacks Barrett over Milwaukee crime stats

Gov. Scott Walker is using his latest ad to attack Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on alleged misreporting of crime numbers in the city.

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