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Obama preparing for Tuesday debate

5 fun facts about Barack Obama

Happy birthday, Mr. President! President Barack Obama turned 53 on Monday. Find out five interesting facts about the commander in chief.

The British Monarchy

Prince George, who is third in line to the British throne, celebrates his first birthday on Tuesday. Take a look at the family tree of the British monarchy…

JFK side profile

The legacy of JFK

JFK was assassinated riding in the motorcade in Dallas, Texas 50 years ago.  Years later his legacy still lives on through his influence on the Peace Corps,…

John F

John F. Kennedy Assassination Map: 50th anniversary

November 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Use our interactive map to retrace the events of that tragic day.

United State Flag

2013 Election Breakdown

Ready? Set? Election Time! Don’t know where your polling place is? There is an app for that! Follow this interactive for everything you need to watch for in…

Vote Button Pin

6 tips for voting on Election Day

Tips to making your trip to the polls as quick and easy as possible.

Vote, election file

Elections 101

Find out more about Election Day right here.

Republican, Democrat, political buttons

Create your own campaign button

A campaign button is used in the United States during an election as political advertising for a candidate or political party. Create your own campaign button…

Capital - Debt Ceiling

Notable moments in debt ceiling history

The U.S. debt ceiling has a complicated an interesting history. Since 1917, the U.S. has legally limited the amount of money it can borrow. Take a look at the…

John F Kennedy

Who said it? Memorable quotes from inaugural speeches

Through periods of war, peace, depression or prosperity, Inauguration Day always has stood as a time of hope and new beginnings in the United States. Do you…

Romney and Obama

5 Things we learned on election night

Here are 5 things that we learned on Elections Night according to CNN.

United States map

Results: Key reforms on state ballots

On Nov. 6, people across the country voted on key reforms that will affect their individual states. Some of the reforms involve health care, abortion,…

State by state: 2012 presidential election results

Which candidate won each state? Check here for results for the the 2012 presidential election.

Congress Agrees On Payroll Tax Cut

Balance of power in Congress

Which party currently controls Congress? Click here for information on the congressional balance of power in 2012.

Obama-Romney 2

When will we know the results of the election?

With a race that went into Election Day neck and neck, and plenty of questions about how key battleground states will play out, everyone is left wondering when…

Romney presidential debate

5 fun facts about Mitt Romney

Find out 5 interesting facts about Mitt Romney.

5 fun facts about Michelle Obama

Find out 5 interesting tid bits about Michelle Obama.

White House file

State by state: Presidential voting history

Use this map to see the voting history for each state in the past 10 elections.

Congress Agrees On Payroll Tax Cut

Balance of power in Congress

Which party currently controls Congress? Click here for information on the congressional balance of power in 2012.

Obama-Romney 2

Obama and Romney: candidate comparisons

The 57th quadrennial United States Presidential Election will be held on November 6, 2012, and it will feature President Barack Obama for the Democrats,…

Voting pin

2012 elections: battlefield states

New York Times assessed of how states may vote, based on polling, previous election results and the political geography in each state.

Debate attack moments

5 things about tonight's foreign policy debate

Here are 5 things to watch for in tonight's final presidential debate, according to

Voting checkmark

Map: voter ID requirements

Thirty-one states presently have laws in place that will require all voters to show ID at the polls this November. That number could rise. Take a look at the…

20 things about the Clintons

Former President Clinton addressed the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, September 5th. Find out some fun facts about the…

White House file

10 things to know about the tea party

Here are 10 facts about the tea party.

american flag

History of the U.S. flag

Click here to learn more about the history of the American flag.

Barack Obama

President Obama Quiz

You see him on television and you read about him in newspapers and on the Web, but how much do you really know about President Barack Obama? Put your knowledge…

Barack Obama

Presidential first 100 days

Take a look at 12 previous presidents to see highlights of what they did those first critical months.

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The Recall

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Capitol Twitter

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Trans pacific agreement

US, 11 other nations seal Trans-Pacific trade pact

The U.S. and 11 other nations announced that they have finally reached a long-sought agreement on a controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact.

Obama angry over gun laws

Obama: We're the only country with mass shootings every few months

The president expressed frustration and anger in his latest speech about gun control laws.

Obama Putin handshake

Obama, Putin square off at UN

Obama administration officials seem pleased with the results of a meeting between President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. But their…

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