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Trump and Carson at debate

GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Sparks flew between the Republican candidates for president during two debates held Wednesday night in Colorado.

Senate debate CNBC

GOP presidential debate takeaways

The top 10 leading GOP candidates debated for more than two hours in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday night. Here are takeaways from the debate.

Paul Ryan 2

Paul Ryan's run for Speaker of the House

Rep. Paul Ryan announced Thursday that he is officially running for speaker of the House, and he is likely to be elected next week.

Sanders speaks, Clinton looks on

Sanders, Clinton dominate Dems debate

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dominated the stage at their first debate Tuesday night.

Bush wins 2000 blurb

5 closest U.S. presidential elections

Here are five of the closest presidential races in U.S. history since 1840 as compiled by Yahoo!.

White House file

Which presidents were most unhealthy

The health of a president can change the attitude of a nation -- or the course, if he dies. Take a look at how healthy some of our past leaders were.

Athletic Presidents - Obama

10 most athletic presidents

Find out who are the buffest bodies to sit in the Oval Office.

Romney-Obama debate

Celebs react to first presidential debate

See what some of the biggest names on Twitter were saying about the presidential debate on Wednesday night.

Michelle Obama teaser

First ladies and their causes

First lady Michelle Obama worked out with trainers from "The Biggest Loser" at the White House as part of her national Let's Move! initiative. Take a look at…

Michael Douglas in 'The American President'

Actors who have played presidents

Many actors over the years have been elected to play the highest office in the land in film and television. Here's a look at some of them.

George W. Bush

America's Least Likely Presidents?

Which of America's presidents would have been named "least likely to succeed" by their high school classmates?

Tennessee Primary

Scenes from Super Tuesday

Howard Dean

10 spectacular political meltdowns

The collapse of a politician is often a painfully public process. Here are 10 famous breakdowns.

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The Recall

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Capitol Twitter

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Baltimore science 1

Baltimore boy sparks White House action

At the 2016 White House Science Fair, 9-year-old Jacob Leggette from Baltimore asked President Obama if he had a Kid Science Advisor. The president loved the…

Soldier at Fort Carson

Veterans forced to pay back bonuses

Veterans were given bonuses that shouldn't have been offered to them.

Trump in Tampa Oct 24

Trump: Obamacare is only getting worse

Donald Trump rallied in Tampa, Florida Monday night.

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