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Austrian election

Ahead: Austria's presidential election

CNN's Atika Shubert takes a look ahead to Sunday's re-run of the presidential election second round vote in Austria, which could result in the first far-right…

Trump walks through Carrier factory

President-elect Donald Trump continues 'thank you' tour

President-elect Donald Trump doubles down on past campaign promises, appoints Ret. Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense and visited a Carrier factory on…

Trump thanking Ohio

Trump in Ohio: There should be consequence for burning the flag

Donald Trump kicked off his thank you tour Thursday night in Ohio.

Obamas at church on inauguration day

Obama family gives holiday cheer at tree-lighting ceremony

Barack Obama pumped up the crowd before lighting the annual White House Christmas tree Thursday.

Trump speaking Carrier

Trump at Carrier: We can't allow jobs to leave

Donald Trump spoke at a Carrier event Thursday.

Trump speaking Carrier

Donald Trump starts thank you tour

Donald Trump makes his first major public appearance as President-elect. Karin Caifa reports from Washington.

Trump economic team

Trump builds his economic team

President-elect Donald Trump continues building his economic team -- naming his picks for treasury and commerce secretaries.

Donald Trump meets with Wilbur Ross

Trump taps billionaires for top economic posts

President-Elect Donald Trump says he's severing all of his business ties. But he's hired some big money-names on to his cabinet. Jim Acosta reports.

Romney in Ohio

Romney: Trump's comments 'enlightening'

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney had dinner Tuesday in New York.

Tenn wildfires

Thousands evacuate in Tennessee wildfires

More than a dozen wildfires consume mountainside resort towns in Tennessee.

Donald Trump distractions

Trump distracts from transition decisions

President-elect Donald Trump is creating distractions while making transition decisions.

Jill_Stein_on_recount copy

Jill Stein speaks with CNN about Trump, recount

Green Party Presidential Nominee says Trump himself said election was rigged unless he won it.

F Castro, 90th bday

Fidel Castro: His last years

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died Friday at age 90 after leading the island nation for nearly 50 years.

trump wall

Trump announces 2 more staffers

President-elect Donald Trump announces new deputy national security adviser, White House counsel.

Trump a

The many lawsuits of Donald Trump

By some accounts, Donald Trump has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits.

Michelle Obama welcomes 2016 Christmas tree

Christmas tree arrives at White House

First lady Michelle Obama and nephews Austin and Aaron Robinson welcomed the White House Christmas tree on Friday morning.

Donald Trump Thanksgiving message

Leaders call for unity on Thanksgiving

Donald Trump and Barack Obama share messages of unity, while Jill Stein pushes for recounts in three states.

President Barack Obama 2016 Thanksgiving address

Obama releases Thanksgiving message

President Barack Obama called for unity in his final Thanksgiving address on Thursday, just weeks after what he called the "sometimes divisive campaign" came…

Trump flip flop on Clinton

Trump flip flops on campaign promises

Donald Trump's interview with the New York Times highlights changed positions.

Trump 100 day plan

Trump releases Thanksgiving video message

President-elect Donald Trump addressed the American people in a video message Wednesday.

Obama pardons turkey 2016

Obama jokes about daughters during turkey speech

President Barack Obama had a few laughs at Wednesday's turkey pardoning.

CalExit sign

CalExit: Interest grows for California to become independent

After the recent presidential election, a group organized by Louis Marinelli formed to have California become an independent nation.  Marinelli said, "It's not…

Obama and Ellen

Celebrities get their Medals of Freedom from Obama

President Barack Obama awarded 21 Medal of Freedom recipients Tuesday.


How to bridge the political divide during Thanksgiving

Anxious about a politically- charged Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some tips on how to deal with politics at the holidays.

Trump vid

Trump outlines policy for first 100 days

He hasn't held a press conference yet, but on Monday, President-elect Donald Trump released a video outlining goals for the first 100 days of his…

Trump_Hamilton_tweet copy

Trump goes to war with 'Hamilton'

Donald Trump didn't take kindly to the boos Mike Pence received at a showing of hit play "Hamilton."

Obama Trump Oval Office

Can Trump scrap the Iran nuclear deal?

It took Obama years to craft -- but Trump could tear it down in days.

Obama_APEC_Summit copy

Obama offers 'wait and see' approach to Trump

President Obama urges people to take "wait and see" approach to Donald Trump.

Trump kids conflicts

Trump kids and possible conflicts

When Donald Trump is in the White House he plans to hand off his business holdings to his children. But there are growing signs of potential conflicts of…

Who is Mike Pompeo

Who is the man picked to lead the CIA?

What to know about the man President-elect Donald Trump wants to run the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo.

Trump infrastructure

Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure pledge

One of President-elect Donald Trump's proposals to get the economy moving is to boost infrastructure spending.

Obama_in_Germany news conference

Obama 'cautiously optimistic' about his successor

During a news conference in Germany, President Barack Obama says the demands that are expected of the president of the U.S. forces focus.

Hillary Clinton CDF speech

Clinton: Coming here wasn’t easy

Hillary Clinton makes her first speech since losing the election to Donald Trump last week.

Jared Kushner Trump son in law

Trump's son-in-law takes crucial transition role

Controversy surrounds Jared Kushner's rise in the Donald Trump transition team.


Obama: 'Democracy can be especially complicated'

While giving a speech in Greece, President Barack Obama hailed democratic systems but said "democracy can be especially complicated at times."

Racist WV post

Mayor resigns over racist Obama post

Mayor Beverly Whaling of Clay, West Virginia, resigned Tuesday over a racist Facebook post that compared first lady Michelle Obama to an ‘ape in heels.’

Trump hat attack

Man in Trump hat assaulted on Subway platform

A man says he was attacked by two men while riding the New York City subway because he was wearing a Donald Trump hat.

Trump children nominate dad

The Trump kids and security clearances

Donald Trump looks to get security clearance for his children.


Trump fills top roles as Obama visits Greece

Donald Trump's team is hard at work on filling out his cabinet as Barack Obama takes his last overseas trip as U.S. president. 


Ryan: 'Trump will be a successful president'

House Speaker Paul Ryan touted President-elect Donald Trump's record at creating jobs and says he thinks Trump will be a very successful president. 

Polling results

S. African company nails election predictions

Brandseye, a South Africa-based social media intelligence company, uses social media algorithms and human intelligence to track momentum, sentiment and…

Secy State Giuliani

Bannon, Giuliani bring trouble to Trump transition

Sources involved in Donald Trump's transition say there is infighting among team members amid concern and criticism over the choice of Steve Bannon as a top…

oregon students

Portland anti-Trump protesters include students

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters took to the streets again in Portland, Oregon on Monday. Most of the protesters weren’t even old enough to vote.

OSU tackle 2

Man tackles anti-Trump speaker at OSU

A man assaulted a speaker at an anti-trump rally Monday at Ohio State University.

Obama Nov 14

Obama's message for Trump

President Barack Obama spoke about Donald Trump during a news conference today.

Donald Trump with Dana Bash

Trump's transition to the White House

Donald Trump stokes controversy with White House team pick.

Obama Nov 14

Obama speaks on Trump's temperament

The president gave his first news conference since last week's stunning election results.

Alt right Steve Bannon

Trump's alt-right White House pick draws fire

On Sunday, President-elect Donald Trump named Steve Bannon as White House chief strategist and senior counselor. The choice of Bannon, former head of…

Oakland protest

Protesters express fear for Trump administration

A diverse group of people came together Sunday as they locked hands around Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, as a sign of protest against President-elect…

Abdul-Jabbar on voting rights

Abdul-Jabbar: Voter suppression affected vote

Activist and former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said Sunday that voter suppression efforts affected Election Day results and the Voting Rights Act needs to be…

Trump presidency protests

Thousands demonstrate against Trump presidency

Tens of thousands of people in cities across the country have been demonstrating against the election results and President-elect Donald Trump.

Protesters Trump Tower

Trump protesters head to Trump Tower

Protesters chanted and held signs as they marched to Trump Tower in New York Friday.

Trump on big screen

What people fear under Trump presidency

CNN looks at people's fears with Trump in the White House.

Obama Trump Oval Office

Trump changes tune on Obamacare

Donald Trump's stance on Obamacare may be shifting.


Obama lays wreath at Tomb of the Unknowns

President Obama participates in the laying of the wreath ceremony at the Arlington Cemetery on Friday.


Trump protesters clash with authorities in Ore.

Anti-Trump protesters in Portland, Oregon, vandalized local businesses and damaged cars.

Trump and Obama

Transition begins in Washington as protests continue

The transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration started as protests continue on streets across the country.

Horse carriage runs away

Runaway horses at pipeline protest

A carriage of tourists went on a wild ride in Vancouver.

Trump, Obama meeting at WH

Obama, Trump meet at White House

President Obama meets President-Elect Donald Trump at the White House. Dianne Gallagher reports.


Trump talks about meeting with Obama

After meeting at the White House on Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump says he looks forward to dealing with President Obama in the future, including…


Obama to Trump: 'If you succeed, the country succeeds'

President Barack Obama met with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday.


Rudy Giuliani: 'Obama shouldn't pardon Clinton'

Donald Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani says President Barack Obama shouldn't pardon Hillary Clinton in the ongoing FBI email investigation.

Anti-Trump protests across the country

Protests break out on streets after Donald Trump elected president

Donald Trump's victory surprised many, that surprise turned to anger and it played out on streets across the country.

Trump, Melania, Barron election night

President-elect Trump preps for new job

Donald Trump is embracing a new reality.

McConnell on Mexico Wall

McConnell dodges plans for Mexico wall

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell answered questioned pertaining to Donald Trump's proposed plans to build a wall bordering Mexico.

Hillary_Clinton_concession_speech copy

Clinton: 'Being candidate is greatest honor'

Hillary Clinton delivered her concession speech Wednesday from New York City.

Van_Jones_reaction_to_election copy

Van Jones calls election 'whitelash'

CNN pundit Van Jones called the results of the presidential election "whitelash."

Putin_congratulates_Trump copy

Putin congratulates U.S. and Trump

Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has appeared on Russian television on Wednesday to congratulate Donald Trump and the American people.

President-elect Trump and family

Donald Trump wins presidential election

After hours of close vote counts and Trump winning battleground states, Donald Trump emerged as the winner of the 2016 presidential race.

Trump victory speech Clinton call

Hillary Clinton calls, congratulates Donald Trump on victory

President-elect Donald Trump gave his victory speech in the early morning hours on Wednesday. He started the speech by saying Hillary Clinton congratulated…

Empire state building on election night 2016

Empire State Bldg. on Election Night

The Empire State Building was decked out in patriotic red, white & blue as the nation awaited the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

SNL debate

Jeanne Moos recaps SNL's election season

What was your favorite moment from SNL's election season?

Inaguration Day Viewing platform construction

Getting ready for Inauguration Day

Construction for the Inauguration Day viewing platform begins near the White House.

Dixville Notch

Dixville Notch: First in the nation to vote

Dixville Notch is one of three New Hampshire towns that vote at midnight on Election Day.


First official count of 2016 Election

The first official count for the 2016 Election is in. But it's not what you think

warren_buffet_gives_rides_to_polls copy

Warren Buffett gives voters ride to polls

The "Oracle of Omaha" Warren Buffett organized bus rides to polls to encourage people to get out and vote.

Clinton Trump closeup split

Clinton holds small margin, Trump in striking distance

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for their election night parties as millions of voters hit the polls.

America Votes

Election Day is finally here

Millions of Americans are voting today ... putting an end to this bitter presidential race.

Mike Pence on Election Day

Trump's running mate says take time today to vote

Mike Pence encourages all Americans to support Donald Trump on this Election Day.

Couple split on election

Pennsylvania couple votes opposite each other

Voters at the polls in North Strabane, Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton votes

Watch: Hillary Clinton votes in NY

Hillary Clinton arrived in Chappaqua, New York, around 8 a.m. ET to cast her ballot in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump votes

Watch: Donald, Melania Trump vote in NY

Donald Trump and his wife Melania cast their ballots Tuesday in Manhattan.

Hillary Clinton mannequin challenge

Clinton Campaign does the Mannequin Challenge

The Clinton campaign taped their version of what has become a viral internet challenge Monday.

gaga clinton

Election Day is here

After a historic presidential campaign that at times seemed to rewrite the rules, the big day is finally here. The pitch from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…

Trump talks about Brady

Last rallies feature star power

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are finishing up their final campaign events on the last day of the 2016 election season. The most recent CNN Poll of Polls…

Springsteen Clinton

Springsteen, Obamas push for Clinton

Bruce Springsteen, President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama joined Hillary Clinton in one of her last campaign appearances…


FLOTUS: If we vote, Hillary will win

The first lady campaigned for Hillary Clinton just hours before Election Day.

Bruce Springsteen Clinton rally copy

Springsteen: The choice couldn’t be clearer

Bruce Springsteen plays at a Hillary Clinton rally in Philadelphia Monday night.

Polling problems Ohio

Ohio residents receive wrong voting info

Some people in Ohio received the wrong information about their polling places.

Obama final campaign speech

Obama: This will be our 1st female president

President Barack Obama gave his final campaign speech for Hillary Clinton Monday.

Trump Tur

Trump: You have half a day to make your dreams come true

Trump: You have half a day to make your dreams come true

Trump Clinton

Candidates hit trail at break-neck speed

It's the last day before Election Day and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are covering a lot of ground. Steve Nannes reports.

Pence plane skids off runway

Pence's plane skids off runway

A CNN Producer traveling on Pence's plane explains what happened on Mike Pence’s plane.

Trump Clinto 3 minute debates video

Fourteen months of debates in under three minutes

Catch up on what you missed from the debates, from zingers to the real issues. Yes, there were real issues.

Trump getting beaten up

Trump: ‘Beaten up’ over tape, Bill Clinton worse

A battered Donald Trump said “Bill Clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and Hillary Clinton attacked those women viciously.”

Obama to Clinton come on

Obama to Bill Clinton: ‘Let's go!’ as they depart Israel

President Barack Obama apparently doesn't like to be kept waiting. But he ended up waiting quite a while for his friend, former president Bill Clinton, to…

Clinton on Trump Twitter

Clinton slams Trump about Twitter attack

At a rally, Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump for his late-night Twitter attack on the former Miss Universe.

Clinton Sanders NH

Clinton, Sanders team up in NH

One-time rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders came together Wednesday to woo a group of voters that have been slow to flock to the former secretary of…

Obama at new museum

Obama: Without vigilance, we can go backwards

Thousands celebrate the newest Smithsonian Museum -- the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

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Austrian election

Ahead: Austria's presidential election

CNN's Atika Shubert takes a look ahead to Sunday's re-run of the presidential election second round vote in Austria, which could result in the first far-right…

Trump walks through Carrier factory

President-elect Donald Trump continues 'thank you' tour

President-elect Donald Trump doubles down on past campaign promises, appoints Ret. Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense and visited a Carrier factory on…

Trump thanking Ohio

Trump in Ohio: There should be consequence for burning the flag

Donald Trump kicked off his thank you tour Thursday night in Ohio.

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