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CNN Politics Headlines

Martin O'Malley

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley launches presidential bid

Martin O'Malley launched his presidential campaign Saturday with an appeal to the party's progressive base as he looks to upend the conventional wisdom that…

Map of Egypt

Egypt releases U.S. citizen held for activism

A U.S. citizen sentenced to life in an Egyptian prison for his role in demonstrations in support of ousted former President Mohamed Morsy has been released to…

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Ash Carter: China must end South China Sea militarization

As China rapidly builds new artificial islands in the South China Sea to expand its territory claim there, Washington is adamantly refusing to recognize those…

Soldiers memorial, Ft. Hood, Patriot Act

What happens if parts of the Patriot Act lapse?

At 12:01 a.m. on Monday, the U.S. government may find itself with fewer tools to investigate terrorism.

That's because a tense political standoff over expiring…

Maryland Gov Martin O'Malley

Divided Baltimore watches Martin O'Malley

Just days before announcing his campaign for president, Martin O'Malley placed a telephone call to Parris Glendening, the former Maryland governor. Their…


Walker jabs Clintons over foundation claims

Prospective GOP White House candidate Scott Walker accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of wanting to live by different rules than other Americans, after the…

Dennis Hastert

Sources: Hastert was covering up sex misconduct

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual abuse from the time when Hastert was a teacher…

Obama NSA reforms

Obama warns of fallout without NSA deal

Speaking two days before major provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire, President Barack Obama on Friday warned that without the data collection and…

Anthrax microscope

Army may have shipped live anthrax to Australia

In what is emerging as a widening military investigation into the accidental shipment of live anthrax, the Army discovered it may have shipped the live…

Josh Earnest

WH: 'No justification' for violence in Phoenix

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that there is "no justification" for violence at an anti-Islam rally in Phoenix Friday night.

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee to announce presidential run

Lincoln Chafee will announce he is running for president next month, according to his spokeswoman Debbie Rich.

The former Rhode Island governor and senator, who…


Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist

The United States officially removed Cuba from its list of countries that sponsor terrorism on Friday, setting the two nations up for a full renewal of…

Rand Paul

Rand Paul super PAC ad gets creative

It's not your typical political ad.

Phone on plane

The next political battleground: your phone

There's a new political battleground in 2016: your phone.

Havana, Cuba, skyline

Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist

The United States officially removed Cuba from its list of countries that sponsor terrorism on Friday, setting the two nations up for a full renewal of…

Dennis Hastert

Former US House Speaker Hastert indicted

Federal officials have indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for lying to the FBI about $3.5 million he agreed to pay to an undisclosed subject to "…


Pataki makes long-shot bid for President

George Pataki, the newest addition to the packed Republican White House race, said Thursday the bottom of the pack is the best place to start, as he kicked…

California stream Lake Shasta

Obama announces new EPA protection of waterways

The Obama administration announced a controversial new rule Wednesday that places the Environmental Protection Agency in charge of protecting streams and…

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: 'I'm officially Ebola-free'

Former President Bill Clinton said at a United Nations event Thursday that he underwent Ebola screening from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Taylor Swift, 2014 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball

Congress flocks to Taylor Swift concert

There's plenty of bad blood between Republicans and Democrats in Congress, but on July 13, one woman will bring them together: Taylor Swift.

Wendy Sherman

Top State Department official to depart

A top State Department official -- Wendy Sherman -- will depart following the completion of the Iran nuclear talks, a source confirms to CNN. Sherman has been…

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum runs for White House again

Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator who mounted an unexpectedly strong bid for the Republican nomination in 2012, is making another bid for the…

Hillary Clinton

Next batch of Clinton emails due June 30

A federal judge ordered the State Department Wednesday to start producing portions of 30,000 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept on a…

Obama file 3

Lynch joins Obama in prodding Senate over NSA

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday backed up President Barack Obama's calls for the Senate to reach a deal to reform and extend Patriot Act provisions…

Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Republican brand 'sucks'

Presidential candidate Rand Paul has christened himself a different kind of Republican, and now he's embracing a unique moniker: tree hugger.

In a new book…

Russian helicopter

Show of muscle: Russia runs military exercise

You flex your muscles and I'll flex mine. Or so it seems to go in international relations these days.

Russia has deployed 12,000 troops along with numerous…


U.S. Capitol evacuated after false alarm

The U.S. Capitol was evacuated briefly on Tuesday after an alarm went off in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Generic Gavel

Court sides with TX against WH on immigration

A federal appeals court on Tuesday denied a request from Justice Department lawyers to allow President Barack Obama's controversial immigration actions to go…

George Pataki

Pataki launching presidential bid Thursday

Former New York Gov. George Pataki will officially launch his bid for president on Thursday, he told the New York Post this week.

Clinton security council

State department releases Clinton emails

The State Department released its first round of emails from Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State on Friday, offering a new look at her handling of…

Protesters taken into custody

John Kasich 'proud' of Cleveland protests

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is hailing Cleveland as an example of how a city can peacefully protest during times of racial unrest, in this case in the wake of the…

Biden at podium

Biden praises Iraqi military after Carter's remark

American officials attempted to explain on Monday the claim made over the weekend by Defense Secretary Ash Carter that Iraqi defense forces "showed no will to…

Mariano Rajoy

Ruling parties suffer in Spain, Poland

Voters in Spain and Poland had a message for incumbents Sunday: We are not pleased.

But in Ethiopia, once the votes are counted, the ruling party is expected…

Obama on Memorial Day

Obama notes milestone Memorial Day

President Barack Obama observed during remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday that this year is the first Memorial Day in 14 years "that the United…

Julian Castro

Julian Castro: Clinton emails a 'witch hunt'

Julian Castro labeled the House Republican-led investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails a "witch hunt" and a "sideshow" from dealing with America's most…

Hillary Clinton NH campaign

A Memorial Day test for Hillary Clinton

Jitters about Jeb, some praise for Rick Perry, the meaning of Hillary Clinton's holiday weekend parade march and some coming Democratic competition filled our…

Putin nuclear missiles

Russia bans 'undesirable' NGOs amid outcry

Non-governmental organizations working in Russia awoke Sunday to a new reality -- that they operate now under a law that allows the government to prosecute…

South Korean women peace march

Women activists cross DMZ from North Korea

An international group of female activists crossed the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea on Sunday in a controversial effort to bring…

ISIS fighters march in Syria

Carter: Iraqis showed 'no will' in Ramadi

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in his first comments since the key town of Ramadi fell to ISIS, blamed the weak state of Iraq's military as one major reason for…

Hillary Clinton 111

Clinton email dump won't stop Benghazi questions

The emails to 'H' don't contain a smoking gun, at least not yet.

That's hardly surprising since Hillary Clinton herself chose which emails to turn over to the…

Rand Paul Pinterest

Senate blocks measures to extend NSA program

Opponents of the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone data successfully blocked multiple attempts in the Senate early Saturday morning to…

NSA logo shadow

A guide to the Patriot Act debate

Two years after Edward Snowden exposed the National Security Agency's secret collection of the data of millions of Americans' private communications, the bulk…


Ben Carson captures southern GOP straw poll

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson handily won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll on Saturday, the first major survey to take the…

Senate passes trade bill

Senate OKs 'fast track' trade promotion bill

After weeks of tense negotiations on Capitol Hill and heavy lobbying from the White House, the Senate Friday night cleared a major trade bill that is a top…

Janet Yellen

Yellen: Fed can't risk 'overheating the economy'

The Federal Reserve won't wait too long to raise rates.

Obama at synagogue

Obama pitches Iran plan at Adas synagogue

President Barack Obama on Friday strongly defended his intentions with Iran, telling congregants at the Adas Israel synagogue in Northwest Washington that his…

Poll finds Obama popularity on the upswing

President Barack Obama's popularity with the public is on the upswing, according to a new Gallup poll that found him enjoying is strongest approval rating in…

Waka Flocka Flame for Clinton

Hillary Clinton racks up rapper endorsements

A growing number of rappers are queuing up plans to make beautiful music with the front-runner Democratic presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton.

An early…


Gyrocopter pilot pleads not guilty

The man who piloted a gyrocopter onto the Capitol grounds last month to protest big money in politics has trumpeted his move, but on Thursday he pleaded not…

Jeb Bush massage use

Jeb Bush gives New Hampshire woman massage

Salem New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce President Donna Morris was in for some unexpected caressing from likely Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush during…

Hillary Clinton file

About 1,200 Clinton emails deemed 'personal'

More than 1,200 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department are personal and not part of the federal record, the…

US Capitol from the front

Trade bill clears Senate hurdle

A free trade initiative that is pitting President Barack Obama against his own party cleared a major procedural hurdle in the Republican-controlled Senate on…

Obama, Netanyahu

U.S. and Israel have worst inequality in the developed world

The U.S. and Israel have the worst inequality in the developed world, according to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Police patrol near the Capitol after a wild driver was shot

Cops leave guns in bathroom, get new training

It should go without saying: Don't leave your gun in a public bathroom. Especially if you're Capitol Police. Especially if the gun can be found by a young…

Google maps

Google fixes n-word Maps problem for most users

Google has fixed an issue with its Google Maps search function, which previously led people to The White House if they searched for variations of the n-word…

House fire in Washington DC

Source: Money was motive for DC house fire

Authorities have identified a 34-year-old man as the suspect in last week's quadruple homicide inside a Washington mansion that was also set ablaze.


Rand Paul pseudo filibuster Patriot Act

Rand Paul wraps 10-hour 'filibuster'

After 10 hours and 30 minutes, Sen. Rand Paul relinquished the Senate floor late Wednesday night, ending his "filibuster" over National Security Agency…

Gyrocopter Capitol

Gyrocopter pilot faces over 9 years in prison

The Florida man who allegedly piloted a gyrocopter onto the Capitol grounds last month to protest big money in politics has been indicted by a federal grand…

Barack Obama

Obama highlights climate change in speech

President Barack Obama used his commencement speech to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut on Wednesday, to focus on a topic he called an…

Kurdish Peshmerga battle ISIS

Is ISIS running out of money?

ISIS militants are having to work harder to finance their war in Syria and Iraq as low oil prices and Western military action choke off a key source of income.

Chris Christie, State of the State address

Christie: I've changed immigration position

Likely presidential hopeful Chris Christie said that he has changed his position on a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, becoming the latest…

Hillary Clinton file

Judge mulls 'rolling' drop of Clinton emails

U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Columbia Rudolph Contreras asked the State Department to file a notice that would include a proposed deadline…

Beau and Joe Biden

Beau Biden being treated at hospital

Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau, the former attorney general of Delaware, was being treated at a military hospital outside of Washington on Tuesday.

Scott Walker apron

Scott Walker hits up Washington

It turns out even Washington outsiders have a reason to venture inside the Beltway once in a while.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has grown fond of bashing…

Jeb Bush

Candidates caught in Iraq political quagmire

If you're running for President, get used to becoming hung up over Iraq.

Because barring a miracle, whoever wins the White House will become the fifth…

Rand Paul

Paul: 'Whatever it takes to stop' Patriot Act

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, said he will do "everything humanly possible" to keep the Senate from reauthorizing the Patriot Act.

Clinton security council

Clinton email release could happen in January

The State Department says it needs until next year before it will be ready to publicly release tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails from her time in…

Gerry Adams

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams meets Prince Charles

Gerry Adams met with Prince Charles on Tuesday in Ireland, the first public meeting between the Sinn Fein leader and a member of the British royal family.


Cuba flag Havana beach

Talks could lead to Cuba, U.S. embassies soon

When will a U.S. Embassy reopen in Havana?

After five months of negotiations, sooner rather than later was the answer Cuban government officials gave during a…

Jim Renacci

GOP congressman: Tax hike needed for roads, bridges

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Renacci is doing something his party hates -- pushing a plan to raise taxes.

The former CPA and mayor is frustrated Congress is…

Obama family portrait

The Obamas' money: Boring investments, steady income

Like millions of other Americans, President and Mrs. Obama are still paying off their mortgage.

Obama's first tweet

@POTUS: Barack Obama joins Twitter... finally

The bear is loose... on Twitter.

So, it's official. After years of signing "-BO" at the end of @BarackObama to signal the tweets he crafted himself from an…

Ferguson Police Department sign, police shooting

Obama to restrict grenade launchers for cops

The Obama administration on Monday moved to prohibit federal agencies from providing local cops with certain kinds of military equipment such as grenade…

Vote, election file

Woman runs against husband for city council

Talk about sleeping with the enemy.

Gov Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal to form exploratory committee

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will announce Monday that he is taking a major step toward seeking the Republican presidential nomination by establishing a…

Rep. Loretta Sanchez criticized for putting hand over mouth in whooping gesture

California congresswoman makes touchy ethnic gesture

U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez has apologized for an ethnically touchy gaffe that was caught on cell phone video.

The Democrat, who is running to replace…

Jeb Bush

Bush reiterates opposition to gay marriage

Jeb Bush stood by his opposition to same-sex marriage in a new interview, saying he doesn't believe it's a constitutional right and that traditional marriage…

Hillary Clinton file 4

Clinton's super PAC needs irk progressives

Hillary Clinton's decision to personally raise money for a super PAC supporting her campaign is agitating her progressive critics, who see the move as further…

Gyrocopter Capitol

Gyrocopter pilot makes case in op-ed

Doug Hughes' flying days might be over.

The Florida postal worker who flew a gyrocopter over Washington and landed on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol says he is…

Gov. John Kasich

Source: Kasich 'very likely' to run in 2016

A source close to John Kasich said Sunday that the Ohio governor is "very likely" to run for president, but cautioned there would be nothing definitive for at…

Rand Paul with Wolf Blitzer

Rand Paul dings NSA for tracking

Sen. Rand Paul says the National Security Agency's bulk collection of data on "innocent Americans" has led federal law enforcement officials to lose sight of…

Barack Obama

Ryan: House will approve Obama's trade effort

Rep. Paul Ryan said Sunday the House has the votes to approve President Barack Obama's free trade initiative.

The House Ways and Means Committee chairman is…

Carly Fiorina

Iowa dinner spotlights crowded GOP field

Nearly a dozen Republicans eyeing presidential runs hit the stage Saturday night, taking their best shots against Hillary Clinton -- and one another -- as…

Jeb Bush

Bush seems to find footing on Iraq question

Questions about the war in Iraq trailed Jeb Bush on his trek through Iowa on Saturday, as the likely presidential candidate struggled to move beyond a…


Will new AG change Obama's view on legal pot?

The Supreme Court is prodding the Justice Department to weigh in -- for the first time under Attorney General Loretta Lynch -- on the delicate legal issue of…

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Carter: ISIS raid a 'significant blow'

The U.S. operation that killed a key ISIS commander on Saturday was a "significant blow" to the terror group, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.


Howard Dean Scream New

Howard Dean re-enacts infamous 'Dean Scream'

Howard Dean re-enacted his most famous, or infamous, moment Thursday night, as he performed the "Dean Scream" from his ill-fated 2004 campaign in an attack…

romney holyfield square off

Romney ready to rumble with Holyfield

The Mitt Romney of 2012 would never have dreamed of climbing into the ring with former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

George Stephanopoulos

Stephanopoulos seeks to move past Clinton donations scandal

Now that ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos has apologized for repeated donations to the Clinton Global Foundation, the question becomes: How much lasting damage…

Rick Perry

Rick Perry to announce 2016 decision in June

Former Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce his "intentions" for a 2016 presidential run next month in Dallas, two sources close to the governor…

Amtrak crash Philly from above

Republican lawmaker: Cuts didn't cause crash

Republican lawmakers on Friday dug in to their party's defense of cuts to Amtrak funding, declaring that the train derailment that killed eight people this…

White House

Man detained outside W.H. in drone incident

Secret Service detained a man Thursday afternoon who eyewitnesses tell CNN was trying to fly some sort of remote-controlled aerial device over the White House…

Body camera

Rights groups: Body cameras raise privacy issues

Civil rights and privacy advocates are urging lawmakers and police departments to consider the risks of over-surveillance and profiling of citizens that body…

Santorum with etch a sketch

Conservatives meet privately to choose 2016 candidates

One hundred leaders in the conservative movement met behind closed doors Thursday as part of an attempt to consolidate support for their favored presidential…

PTC illustration

Obama: Spending needed on infrastructure like Amtrak

President Barack Obama on Thursday called for greater federal spending on infrastructure in the wake of the deadly Amtrak crash that killed eight…

The Clintons's tax rate estimated at above 30%

Clintons have earned over $30M since January 2014

Hillary and Bill Clinton have made more than $30 million since January 2014, according to a financial disclosure form provided to CNN and confirmed by a…

Old cars in Cuba, embargo

US, Cuba slate meetings to talk embassies

U.S. and Cuban officials will meet next week with the goal of hammering out an agreement to reopen embassies each other's capitals as part of efforts to…


House sends Iran nuclear bill to Obama

The House of Representatives approved legislation Thursday that allows Congress to review any deal on Iran's nuclear program negotiated by the Obama…

Jeb Bush

Student confronts Jeb Bush on ISIS

Jeb Bush's Iraq woes aren't going anywhere.

Washington Post

Washington Post mobile site apparently hacked

The Washington Post's mobile website was temporarily downed Thursday in an apparent hack.

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Pataki: 'I am candidate for president of US'

Former New York Governor George Pataki announces he is a candidate for president of the United States during a rally in New Hampshire.


Pataki announces candidacy for president

Former New York governor George Pataki enters the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Rick Santorum who is he

Who is Rick Santorum?

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is betting the voters will give him a do-over.

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