WATCH LIVE: Gov. Walker speech on foreign policy

11 a.m.: Gov. Scott Walker delivers remarks on his foreign policy priorities at an event in Charleston, South Carolina.


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Donald Trump, Marco Rubio

Trump and Rubio: A tale of two campaigns

In one pocket of South Carolina on Thursday, Donald Trump invited a woman to stroke his golden hair. In another, Marco Rubio lectured students on eradicating…

Hillary Clinton 3 3 15

Clinton compares GOPers to 'terrorist groups'

Republican presidential candidates are striking back Friday after Hillary Clinton compared some of them who hold conservative views on abortion and women's…

Sarah Palin

Palin: ESPN 'buys into ISIS propaganda'

Sarah Palin tore into ESPN on Thursday night, calling the network "whimpering" and "intolerant" for suspending baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a tweet…

Trump Baton Rouge

Donald Trump: Tax the rich more

Donald Trump is finally showing us more of his economic plan beyond the "Make America Great Again" slogan on his red hat.

America has now learned:

-- He wants…

Walker CPAC

Walker: I'm tested enough for the world stage

Scott Walker will offer his foreign policy vision in a speech Friday mostly by contrasting it with what he terms a "retreat" from the world stage by the Obama…

Sanders Portland

Sanders to rip 'establishment politics' to DNC

Bernie Sanders will take his anti-establishment rhetoric to the most establishment Democratic meeting in the country on Friday.

According to an aide, the…

Marco Rubio in NH

Rubio takes on China in op-ed

Marco Rubio will sketch how he would handle a rising China in remarks Friday in South Carolina that will likely draw some contrast with the other Republican…

Biden orange juice

Draft Biden holds DNC meeting briefings

Behind the scenes at the Democratic National Committee summer meetings in Minneapolis, super delegates and members of the DNC are quietly being asked by Draft…

Planned Parenthood logo

Planned Parenthood strikes back against videos

Planned Parenthood sent a report to Congress on Thursday that they say proves undercover videos released attacking the organization are heavily edited and…

Obama New Orleans Katrina anniversary

Obama cites inequities in Katrina commemoration

President Barack Obama returned Thursday to an outwardly thriving New Orleans to mark strides 10 years after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the city.

Trump proves hair is real

Donald Trump asks woman to touch his hair

Donald Trump says he doesn't wear a toupee. Now, he has independent confirmation.

Obama in New Orleans

Obama shows off his pipes again

President Barack Obama once more showed off his singing skills Thursday in New Orleans while he was touring a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina 10…

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor endorses Jeb Bush for president

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor endorsed presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Thursday.

"Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term…

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

King Salman of Saudi Arabia to visit Obama

President Barack Obama will host King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia at the White House next week for his first trip to Washington since…

Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng Murdoch

Murdoch: Climate change "alarmist nonsense"

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter Wednesday night to weigh in on the recent volatility in global financial markets, calling small business "the only…

Trump Bush

Poll: Donald Trump trounces Jeb Bush

Vice President Joe Biden fares better against top GOP candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups than Hillary Clinton, according to a new national…

Univision reporter Ramos

Donald Trump: Jorge Ramos 'like a madman'

Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to give an inch, not to the media at large and especially not to Univision's Jorge Ramos, whom he had escorted out of a press…

Same-sex wedding cake

Clerk ordered to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Same-sex couples fighting for the right to marry won yet another legal victory Wednesday -- this time in Kentucky, though the county clerk on the other side of…

Joe Biden in window

Biden unsure if he has 'emotional fuel' for run

Vice President Joe Biden revealed to members of the Democratic National Committee Wednesday that he is assessing whether he has "the emotional fuel" to run for…

Trump says he won't eat Oreos after production moves to Mexico

Donald Trump says he will stop eating Oreo cookies after its parent company announced it was closing a factory in Chicago and moving it to Mexico.

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels rips Washington on Facebook

Country music legend Charlie Daniels, famous for his number one hit "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008, delivered a…

Wall Street bull statue

Liberals to Clinton: Take stand on Wall St.

A coalition of liberal groups are pushing Hillary Clinton to cut down on the revolving door between Wall Street and government, sending the Democratic…

Reporter thrown out blurb

Univision reporter removed from Trump news conference

Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor and journalist, extensively squabbled with Donald Trump twice in testy exchanges at a news conference before his rally here…

Cruz, Santorum, Jindal, Carson sign marriage pledge

4 GOP candidates sign anti-gay marriage pledge

Four of the 17 Republican presidential candidates have pledged to support a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and…

Bush vs Trump immigration

Bush vs. Trump immigration showdown at border

Jeb Bush's visit to the border town of McAllen, Texas, to meet with local elected and law enforcement officials Monday should have been a simple exercise in…

Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly (file)

Fox hosts defend Megyn Kelly from new Trump attack

The battle between Donald Trump and Fox News is back with a vengeance.

Fox wants the famously non-apologetic presidential candidate to apologize for his latest…

Joe Biden February 2014

Biden to pitch DNC members on the Iran deal

Joe Biden will speak with key members of the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday, pitching the influential Democrats on the administration's Iran…

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden denies link to Ashley Madison

The son of Vice President Joe Biden denied Tuesday that he had an account on Ashley Madison, despite an email address discovered on the hacked cheating…

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy used private email account

Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, used a personal email to conduct official business -- as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did --…

Generic court, gavel, lawsuit, arraignment, judgment

Lower bond in terror case after US request

A federal judge has handed down a $10 million bond judgment in a closely watched case over restitution from Palestinians for terrorism -- a ruling…

iden at podium

Who would vote for Joe Biden?

Joe Biden faces a host of complicated emotional questions in deciding whether to run for president. But in the end, his decision could rest on a very simple…

Jeb Bush announcement 2

Trump slams Bush for tying Asians to 'anchor babies'

Donald Trump mocked Jeb Bush on Twitter on Tuesday morning after the former Florida governor dug himself into a deeper hole explaining his "anchor babies"…

Cornel West

Cornel West endorses Bernie Sanders

Civil rights activist and philosopher Cornel West on Monday endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

Biden, Obama National Gov

Obama gives Joe Biden 'blessing' for 2016

Vice President Joe Biden received President Barack Obama's "blessing" to make a 2016 bid for the White House, according to a senior Democrat.

But that's if…

Sanders Portland

Bernie Sanders takes aim at 'corporate media'

What is the worst moniker Bernie Sanders could assign someone? Koch Brothers-like.

Sanders did just that with "corporate media" on Monday in New Hampshire,…

Walker point

Cancel Chinese president's visit, Walker says

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is calling on President Barack Obama to cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping's September visit to Washington -- channeling Donald…

Rick Perry

Rick Perry loses top Iowa adviser

Sam Clovis, the highly touted Iowa campaign co-chair for Rick Perry, has departed the Texas governor's presidential bid, a blow that comes as the campaign…

Ben Carson

Carson tells Black Lives Matter to refocus

The Black Lives Matter movement is directing its anger at "the wrong targets," former neurosurgeon and Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson wrote…

Trump stares down Dana Bash

Game: Odds of Trump nomination at 19%

The odds of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination are up from 1 percent in late July to 19 percent now on Pivit, an interactive prediction…

Biden at 2012 VP debate

Source: Team Biden leaning toward 2016 bid

Joe Biden's team appears to be leaning more toward a presidential run than away from one, according to a Democratic source who has been in touch with them.…

Trump Bush

Jeb Bush defends 'anchor baby' use in Spanish

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday it's "ludicrous" that Democrats are attacking him for using the term "anchor baby" last week while talking about…

Joe Biden February 2014

Joe Biden hires John Edwards campaign alum

Vice President Joe Biden announced on Monday a new communications director, Kate Bedingfield, a film industry official and former spokeswoman for John Edwards…

Trump stares down Dana Bash

Trump on crash: 'This could get very messy!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lamented the global stock market turmoil Monday morning -- when the Dow plummeted 1,000 points at open -- saying…


Just how much media coverage is Donald Trump getting?

Since the first Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump has received more attention on the nightly news than his 16 rivals — combined.

In fact, Trump…

Jeb Bush at Iowa state fair

Hispanic Republicans defend Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush makes a stop near the U.S.-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas, on Monday, just days after Democrats railed the Republican presidential candidate for…

Harry Reid

Harry Reid weighs in on Iran nuclear deal

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid offered a public endorsement of President Barack Obama's Iran nuclear deal on Sunday, giving the White House a boost in…

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley on Kasich, Black Lives Matter

Charles Barkley is leaning toward supporting John Kasich in the 2016 presidential race, the NBA hall-of-famer told CNN's Michael Smerconish Saturday morning.…

Scott Walker (file)

Walker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days

Scott Walker on Sunday took his third position within seven days on Donald Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship, this time saying he opposes Trump…

Carson calls for drone strikes on border 'caves'

Ben Carson says he wouldn't use drones to kill undocumented immigrants -- but he'd order strikes on the caves used to transport people across the United…

Donald Trump August 2015

Trump wants donations, but 'no strings attached'

Donald Trump says he'll take donations to his presidential campaigns, but not from lobbyists who will expect something in return.

And he took a shot at another…

Rand Paul KY

Kentucky GOP switch to caucus

Kentucky's Republican Party voted Saturday to move their presidential nominating event from a May primary to a March caucus -- a victory for Sen. Rand Paul,…

John Kasich seeks 2016 GOP nomination

'Deez Nuts' backs Sanders, Kasich

Bernie Sanders and John Kasich might not have too much in common politically, but they've both received a "key endorsement" in their respective party races: "…

Jim Webb, June 2015

Webb 'proud' to see female Rangers

Former Sen. Jim Webb says he is "proud" to see the first two female Army Rangers, even though he'd opposed women in combat positions in the wake of his…

Donald Trump Macys ties

Trump no fan of Politico but likes WaPo

Donald Trump, presidential candidate and media critic, says Politico goes out of its way "to distort truth."

In a series of tweets on Saturday afternoon, Trump…

Joe Biden February 2014

Biden meets with Warren in Washington

Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday in his residence at the Naval Observatory, CNN has learned, another sign he is…

Chris Christie in Iowa July 2015

Christie ribbed by animal rights activists

Chris Christie is used to some occasional ribbing from voters at his town halls, and his Saturday trip to the Iowa State Fair was no different. logo

Government workers cope with fallout from Ashley Madison hack

"No justification." That's how one attorney at the Department of Justice describes his use of cheating site Ashley Madison while in the office.

GOP presidential hopeful eats pork sandwich

Cruz, Page debate religious liberty, LGBT rights in Iowa

Actress Ellen Page and presidential candidate Ted Cruz debated for over five minutes in Iowa Friday on where to draw the line between discriminating against…

GOP hopeful says 14th Amendment can stay

Santorum: Don't need to change Constitution

Rick Santorum said Friday he does not believe ending automatic citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants born in the U.S. requires a…

Planned Parenthood logo

Another anti-Planned Parenthood video released

A group targeting Planned Parenthood released another video Friday that purports to show the controversial organization breaking federal laws in its abortion…

Trump Alabama speech

30,000 turn out for Trump's Alabama pep rally

Donald Trump brought 30,000 supporters from deep red Alabama to a Friday night pep rally in a football stadium, the latest sign that the Republican…

Former President Jimmy Carter

Cancer aside, Carter to teach Sunday school

It's an exceptional devotion for anyone: teaching Sunday school since age 18.

Police lights file 2

Donald Trump: Boston beating is 'terrible'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Friday he "would never condone violence" after Boston police said two men beat a homeless man while…

Jerrold Nadler

Lobbied by Obama, Rep. Nadler backs Iran deal

New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who had been on the fence about whether to support the Iran nuclear deal, announced Friday that he will back President Barack…

Jon Stewart, Daily Show Austin Texas 2014

Petition urges Jon Stewart to moderate presidential debate

Jon Stewart has traded jabs with some of the biggest names in U.S. politics during his 16-year year tenure as host of "The Daily Show." Now, thousands want…

U.S. Capitol Building

Democrats hope to prevent Iran deal 'no' vote

Democrats have picked up enough congressional support for the Iran nuclear deal that they are now hoping not merely to sustain any White House veto of a…

President Barack Obama, March 2015

Poll: Obama's approval rating slips to 47%

After a brief bump into positive territory, disapproval of President Barack Obama is on the rise amid dismal reviews of his work on several foreign policy…

President Barack Obama immigration

Obama pens op-ed on Iran

President Barack Obama is continuing his August outreach on the Iran nuclear deal ahead of a scheduled September vote in Washington, penning an op-ed that ran…

Walker point

Poll: Clinton would beat Walker in Wisconsin

While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker criss-crossed New Hampshire on Thursday, bad news was released back home in the form of a poll showing outsider candidates…

Ohio Gov. John Kasich at GOP debate

John Kasich: Ban teachers' lounges

While lighting into teachers unions Wednesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he would ban teachers' lounges if he had the chance.

Rubio right

Rubio calls for business tax breaks in speech

Marco Rubio on Thursday unveiled his economic plan, focusing on slashing taxes for businesses and increasing child tax credits to build an American economy…

Jimmy Carter blurb

Carter: I wish I'd sent another helicopter to Iran

Former President Jimmy Carter, who held his press conference Thursday announcing he had cancer on his brain, was asked what he would have done differently…

Trump surrounded by reporters

Donald Trump's latest business idea: Get paid for interviews?

Donald Trump's business ventures have made him billions, but his latest money-making idea is a non-starter.

Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl's attorney blasts Donald Trump

A lawyer for Bowe Bergdahl, the returned American soldier whose military service in Afghanistan has come under criticism by Donald Trump, said Thursday that…

First women rangers army

Meet the women making Army Ranger history

After completing weeks of grueling physical training across woods, mountains and swamplands, two women have made history: They will be the first to graduate…

Computer servers

Judge: State must seek Clinton server info

A U.S. district court judge on Thursday ordered the State Department to ask the FBI for any information found on Hillary Clinton's private email server that…

Trump Bush

Bush gets testy over 'anchor babies' term

Jeb Bush on Thursday defended using the term "anchor babies" after Democrats hounded the former Florida governor and his presidential rival, Donald Trump, for…

Trump frowning debate

Does RNC have a secret anti-Trump war room?

The Republican National Committee is running a secret war room to take out Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Kerry Iran

U.S. downplays Iran nuclear inspection report

The State Department on Wednesday downplayed concerns over a reported deal that would allow Iranian inspectors to investigate their own military site.

Trump Bush

Town hall throw-down: Trump, Bush trade shots

In dueling town halls about 15 miles apart, Republican presidential rivals Donald Trump and Jeb Bush traded insults in an evening of sparring, with Bush --…

Marco Rubio football kids Iowa

Kid who dropped Rubio pass ready for rematch

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was getting to know voters in Ankeny, Iowa, on Monday when he accidentally hit a kid in the head with a football.

Bloomberg Politics…

Jeb Bush announcement 2

Talking about addiction, Bush gets personal

In a rare and emotional moment, Jeb Bush made a reference to his daughter's struggle with substance abuse while talking Wednesday about the perils of…

Rousey Trump

Fact check: Trump misstates Rousey's support

Donald Trump says Ronda Rousey is a fan of his -- despite recent comments in which the ultimate fighter slammed the Republican presidential candidate.

In an…

Marco Rubio

Rubio to unveil tax proposal in Detroit

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio heads to Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday to make his case for tax reform.

The Republican presidential candidate will use two…

Biden, Boston memorial service

Top Florida Democrat joins Draft Biden

Steve Schale, a top fundraiser for President Barack Obama who ran his Florida campaign in 2008, is joining Draft Biden in a to-be-determined senior adviser…

Trump CNN Cuomo interview

Trump: 'I have to do right thing'

Donald Trump isn't backing down from his call to revoke automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrant parents despite concerns…

Trump interview

Trump takes on Clinton, Bush and the Pope

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump took on an array of subjects and political figures during a lengthy interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on…

Huma Abedin

Clinton aide's emails spark intel concerns

An April 2011 email from an aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, publicly released three months ago helped spark intelligence community concerns…

Education school students desks

Republicans tango with Common Core at NH education summit

Republicans trekked to New Hampshire in search of the mantle as top conservative education reformer Wednesday and were promptly met there by Common Core --…

Barack Obama

Obama to mark Katrina anniversary in New Orleans

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, President Barack Obama will visit the city next week to tour neighborhoods and meet with families…

Trump jury sign

Poll: Trump now in play for general election

Since announcing his campaign in late June, Donald Trump has quickly leapt to the top of the Republican field, leading recent polls nationally, in Iowa and in…

Chelsea Clinton Ivanka Trump

Political odd couple: Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

It's an unlikely friendship: Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton.

Their parents, both frontrunners for their respective party's presidential nomination, spend a…

Hillary Clinton answers questions from press

Clinton: Email controversy 'has nothing to do with me'

A clearly agitated Hillary Clinton answered another round of questions regarding her email use Tuesday in Nevada, telling reporters the story that has…

Hillary Clinton

Inside the Clinton, Black Lives Matter meeting

Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter activists had a frank and at times tense discussion last week behind closed doors, and thanks to video released Monday,…

Senator Robert Menendez D New Jersey

Menendez second Senate Dem to oppose Iran deal

A high-ranking Democratic senator delivered another blow to President Barack Obama's legacy-making Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday.

Sen. Robert Menendez, a New…

Multi-hued White House a nod to same-sex marriage legalized nationwide

Obama appoints first transgender staff member

President Barack Obama has appointed the first openly transgender White House staff member, according to an announcement Tuesday.

Heidi Klum

Klum responds to Trump saying she's not a 10

A day after Donald Trump declared that Heidi Klum is no longer a "10," the iconic supermodel fired back at the Republican presidential candidate in a video…

Army Rangers

2 women to graduate from Army Ranger course

Two women made history by becoming the first female soldiers to complete their courses at the Army's exhausting Ranger School, according to a statement from…

Hillry Clinton July 2015

Clinton breaks with Obama on arctic drilling

Add Arctic drilling to the list of issues Hillary Clinton now disagrees with President Barack Obama on.

Jeb Bush at Iowa state fair

Bush rolls out VA reforms in South Carolina

It's no coincidence that Jeb Bush chose South Carolina as the backdrop for the rollout of his plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs: the state is…

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California State Auditor finds $4 million in waste

The California State Auditor has found more than $4 million in waste at more than half a dozen state agencies.

Univision reporter Ramos

Trump to reporter: 'Go back to Univision'

A Univision reporter was escorted out of a Donald Trump press conference.

Trump in Dubuque

Trump boots Univision anchor from press conference

What Donald Trump said in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday may have been important, but it was drowned out by the ejection of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a…

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