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Walker Recall

State Supreme Court to take on voter ID issue

After two previous refusals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will hear arguments on two Wisconsin voter identification cases.

Request made for Capitol Christmas tree ornaments

Gov. Scott Walker has put out the call for ornaments to decorate the Capitol Christmas tree this year.

Impact of governor's tax cut depends on school district

School districts in Dane County say they don't yet know how a property tax proposal will affect taxpayers. But one group is doing some preliminary math, and…

Scott Walker

Governor to head to fundraisers in Seattle, NYC

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month.

Walker slips when referring to federal politics

Gov. Scott Walker quickly caught himself with a laugh when telling reporters he was not "yet" involved with politics at the federal level.

Capitol police issue 25 no-permit citations to 22 singers

Twenty-five no-permit citations were issued Wednesday to 22 people following a tense standoff between Capitol police and protesters.

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Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Republican brand 'sucks'

Presidential candidate Rand Paul has christened himself a different kind of Republican, and now he's embracing a unique moniker: tree hugger.

Hillary Clinton

DOJ proposes more Clinton emails due June 30

The Justice Department is proposing a new batch of Hillary Clinton's State Department emails to be released on June 30, according to new court documents.


U.S. Capitol evacuated after false alarm

The U.S. Capitol was evacuated briefly on Tuesday after an alarm went off in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Generic Gavel

Court sides with TX against WH on immigration

A federal appeals court on Tuesday denied a request from Justice Department lawyers to allow President Barack Obama's controversial immigration actions to go…

Obama file 3

Obama urges Senate to return to D.C. for NSA vote

President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged Congress to reach a deal to reform and extend the Patriot Act provisions set to expire on Monday.

George Pataki

Pataki launching presidential bid Thursday

Former New York Gov. George Pataki will officially launch his bid for president on Thursday, he told the New York Post this week.

Clinton security council

State department releases Clinton emails

The State Department released its first round of emails from Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State on Friday, offering a new look at her handling of…

Protesters taken into custody

John Kasich 'proud' of Cleveland protests

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is hailing Cleveland as an example of how a city can peacefully protest during times of racial unrest, in this case in the wake of the…

Biden at podium

Biden praises Iraqi military after Carter's remark

American officials attempted to explain on Monday the claim made over the weekend by Defense Secretary Ash Carter that Iraqi defense forces "showed no will to…

Mariano Rajoy

Ruling parties suffer in Spain, Poland

Voters in Spain and Poland had a message for incumbents Sunday: We are not pleased.

But in Ethiopia, once the votes are counted, the ruling party is expected…

Obama on Memorial Day

Obama notes milestone Memorial Day

President Barack Obama observed during remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday that this year is the first Memorial Day in 14 years "that the United…

Julian Castro

Julian Castro: Clinton emails a 'witch hunt'

Julian Castro labeled the House Republican-led investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails a "witch hunt" and a "sideshow" from dealing with America's most…

Hillary Clinton NH campaign

A Memorial Day test for Hillary Clinton

Jitters about Jeb, some praise for Rick Perry, the meaning of Hillary Clinton's holiday weekend parade march and some coming Democratic competition filled our…

Putin nuclear missiles

Russia bans 'undesirable' NGOs amid outcry

Non-governmental organizations working in Russia awoke Sunday to a new reality -- that they operate now under a law that allows the government to prosecute…

South Korean women peace march

Women activists cross DMZ from North Korea

An international group of female activists crossed the heavily fortified border between North and South Korea on Sunday in a controversial effort to bring…

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Brazile: Democrats should welcome Sanders' move

As a rule of thumb, being called a socialist isn't a good thing in American politics. But if you're brave enough to describe yourself that way? Well, that…

Opinion: Who polices the 'Ethics Police'?

"The experiment worked," the doctor told me, "but the patient died."

The patient was my father, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Three months earlier, the…

Plus-size models: Where's the diversity?

From the beginning I have been a fan of model Tess Holliday.

Not only is she gorgeous, but at 5-feet-5, 280 pounds and a size 22, she looks a great deal more…

Sutter: Vanishing stories, vanishing country

You've probably heard climate change will cause stronger storms, drier droughts and possibly mass extinctions. But one of the clearest -- and…

Was Cleveland cop acquittal fair? (Opinion)

Protests broke out in Cleveland after the acquittal of Michael Brelo, a police officer who had been charged with voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault…

Wolf Blitzer: The whole world was watching

It didn't take long for me to appreciate CNN's worldwide reach and impact.

When Saddam Hussein's forces moved into Kuwait on August 2, 1990, I had recently…

Why Europe should be on war footing

"If you are not ready today, you will be even less so tomorrow," wrote the Roman author Publius Ovidius Naso.

This adage is appearing more and more as an…

Ghost towns: Answer to Italy migrant crisis?

Lampedusa used to be a tiny paradise atoll at the southernmost tip of Italy. Quiet, few people around, great holidays.

But it had the misfortune of being close…

Anne Meara: Way more than Ben Stiller's mom (Opinion)

I wondered if Anne Meara joked about this with her son after he had his first big break: "Over 60 years in show business, and I can just see my obituary, '…

1 month after Nepal quake, a struggle for aid

"Where is the aid?" I get asked this question from the media during almost every major disaster we respond to. The Nepal earthquake, which took place a month…

Modi's year one: Meeting expectations?

In politics and life, expectation is everything.

The India I have observed for the past three decades has generally had low expectations. This shouldn't be…

Boston bomber faces death: Legalized revenge?

In the early 1970s, France seemed as unlikely as today's America to ever abolish the death penalty. But it took only 10 years of soul-searching and landmark…

Cole: Homeless veterans deserve more from us

Karlene S. is a 35-year-old Army veteran who served as part of the post-9/11 war against terrorism. A single parent, she has three children, the youngest two…

Louis: Clinton emails -- A mix of conflicts?

The mere fact that Hillary Clinton's official emails were kept on her personal computer system is turning out to be one of the least important things about…

Why Ireland said 'yes' to same-sex marriage

Considerable surprise has been expressed around the world about the fact that traditionally conservative and Catholic Ireland approved same-sex marriage in a…

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Nebraska death penalty

Nebraska Gov. vetoes death-penalty repeal

Nebraska lawmakers last week approved a bill that would repeal the death penalty in their state, but GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts on Tuesday followed through on his…

Chicago gun violence

56 people shot over weekend in Chicago

Memorial Day weekend was a bullet-ridden one in Chicago. Police say 56 people were shot, 12 of them died. Now a Cook County commissioner is presenting a…

Memorial Day Obama lays wreath

President Obama notes milestone Memorial Day

President Barack Obama observed during remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday that this year is the first Memorial Day in 14 years "that the United…

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