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Walker Recall

State Supreme Court to take on voter ID issue

After two previous refusals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will hear arguments on two Wisconsin voter identification cases.

Request made for Capitol Christmas tree ornaments

Gov. Scott Walker has put out the call for ornaments to decorate the Capitol Christmas tree this year.

Impact of governor's tax cut depends on school district

School districts in Dane County say they don't yet know how a property tax proposal will affect taxpayers. But one group is doing some preliminary math, and…

Scott Walker

Governor to head to fundraisers in Seattle, NYC

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month.

Walker slips when referring to federal politics

Gov. Scott Walker quickly caught himself with a laugh when telling reporters he was not "yet" involved with politics at the federal level.

Capitol police issue 25 no-permit citations to 22 singers

Twenty-five no-permit citations were issued Wednesday to 22 people following a tense standoff between Capitol police and protesters.

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Donald Trump

Clinton's campaign manager: Russia helping Trump

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager is alleging that Russian hackers are leaking Democratic National Committee emails critical of Bernie Sanders in an effort to…

DNC chair Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader

Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she is stepping down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the party's convention, which…

Clinton, Kaine in Miami

Clinton says she won't engage in 'insult fest' with Trump

Hillary Clinton "felt sad" watching a Republican National Convention that was mostly about "criticizing me," she said an interview aired Sunday night on CBS' "…

Hillary Clinton on cellphone

What Clinton's campaign learned from gamers

When you get tired of hunting Pokémon, Hillary Clinton's campaign hopes you'll get addicted to her new game too.

The campaign unveiled a new smartphone app for…


Kaine comes home to his spiritual center

After introducing himself to the nation as Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine returned Sunday with his wife, Anne Holton, to the place where they…

2016 DNC Philadelphia

What was in the DNC email leak?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's stewardship of the Democratic National Committee has been under fire through most of the presidential primary process.


'See you in Philly': Protesters emboldened by Wasserman Schultz departure

Fueled by grievances over the party's treatment of Bernie Sanders and doubts over Hillary Clinton's progressive credentials, tens of thousands of protesters…

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Trump backer retweets anti-Semitic message, apologizes

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a prominent Donald Trump backer, on Sunday stumbled into controversy online by seeming to endorse an anti-Semitic Twitter…

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent who considered his own presidential run this year, will endorse Hillary Clinton and speak at the…

Donald Trump

Trump rebukes David Duke 'as quick as you can say it'

Donald Trump said Sunday he rebukes the support of David Duke, the white supremacist who recently launched a Senate campaign in Louisiana, who said he was…

Barack Obama

Obama: Trump lacks preparation on foreign policy

President Barack Obama said Donald Trump's suggestion he might not back NATO allies show he's unprepared to handle foreign policy, in an interview aired Sunday.

Donald Trump, July 21, 2016

Trump calls latest iteration of Muslim ban an expansion

Donald Trump said his latest proposal to stop immigration "from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism" is an "expansion" of his blanket ban on…

2016 DNC Philadelphia

Several swing state Democrats skipping Philly

As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia this week, some of the members of the party in the toughest races across the country will be…

Roger Ailes

Donald Trump on Roger Ailes' Fox News exit: 'So sad'

Donald Trump says Roger Ailes' forced exit from Fox News is "so sad."

The GOP nominee for president called the Fox News mastermind, his longtime friend, "such a…

Trump RNC acceptance speech

Benghazi victim's mother to Trump: Stop the mentions

The mother of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who died during the 2012 Benghazi attacks, penned a short letter to the editor of The New York Times…

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Opinion: Ivanka Trump, a champion for women?

To say Donald Trump does not have the best reputation when it comes to women is a huge understatement. He has a history of paying his female employees less…

Opinion: What's at stake in 2016 election?

America has always relied upon the latest wave of immigrants to reinvent and reinvigorate these United States. For those of us who were raised in that faith --…

Russia Flag

Olympic doping ban unleashes fury in Moscow

Russia is a nation under siege. At least that's how it seems to many Russians.

Opinion: Dems can write a better rulebook

This weekend, the Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads. Before the start of its national convention, the Democratic rules committee will meet in…

Opinion: The fuel for Republican fury

In accepting the Republican Party's nomination for president, Donald Trump's speech purposefully played to multiple layers of racial anxiety (ones that,…

Kohn: In picking Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton missed an opportunity

In case you didn't hear any fanfare late Friday night when Hillary Clinton announced her vice presidential running mate, that's because Tim Kaine is not a…

Opinion: The danger of Trump's NATO comments

Donald Trump's statements suggesting his administration would place fiscal conditions on defending NATO allies are irresponsible and dangerous. And they have…

Opinion: Trump's 'Bizarro World' convention

It was the kind of political convention you might expect in the 1960s comic book called "Bizarro World." The headliners included a 1980s TV star who tweeted a…

Opinion: Ivanka Trump's smart, savvy speech

Ivanka Trump introduced her father Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention. You never would have known that just that morning, she told Savannah…

Trump: A speech like no other?

CNN Opinion contributors offer their takes on the final day of the Republican Party convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump's speech, and what this week has…

Trump's speech: 'America first,' and absent

His slogan is "America First." On Thursday night, Donald Trump also made clear his campaign means an America absent from the world.

Before even delivering his…

Opinion: How Trump speech sets a trap for Clinton

Donald Trump said, "I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States"... and Alice woke up to discover that her adventures in Wonderland were…

Trump's midnight in America (opinion)

There were two enormous problems with Donald Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention: too much darkness, not enough inspirational personal…

Opinion: How to end the cycle of violence

In his memorial speech for the five Dallas police officers slain by a deranged shooter, President Barack Obama reminded the audience of the ways in which our…

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Democrats begin DNC with discord

Democrats no doubt hoped their national convention would be free of the in-fighting at last week's Republican National Convention. But with Sunday's…

Clinton Kaine ticket

Who is Tim Kaine?

Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Clinton Tampa rally

Clinton: America is great already

Hillary Clinton rallied Friday evening in Tampa, Florida.

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