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Q: What do you think of the outcome of the recall election?

Walker Recall

State Supreme Court to take on voter ID issue

After two previous refusals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will hear arguments on two Wisconsin voter identification cases.

Request made for Capitol Christmas tree ornaments

Gov. Scott Walker has put out the call for ornaments to decorate the Capitol Christmas tree this year.

Impact of governor's tax cut depends on school district

School districts in Dane County say they don't yet know how a property tax proposal will affect taxpayers. But one group is doing some preliminary math, and…

Scott Walker

Governor to head to fundraisers in Seattle, NYC

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month.

Walker slips when referring to federal politics

Gov. Scott Walker quickly caught himself with a laugh when telling reporters he was not "yet" involved with politics at the federal level.

Capitol police issue 25 no-permit citations to 22 singers

Twenty-five no-permit citations were issued Wednesday to 22 people following a tense standoff between Capitol police and protesters.

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More Political News

White House

'Device' found on White House grounds

The Secret Service is investigating a "device" found on the grounds of the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said early Monday morning.

He did not give…

Alexis Tsipras

Greek elections: Is Tsipras man of moment?

Alexis Tsipras is the man of the moment, the poster child of Greece's new left, the firebrand leader of anti-austerity party Syriza. In his fine suits, he cuts…

Joe Biden MLK day

Biden, Rubio and Palin's 2016 plans

The 2016 calculations of three potential candidates -- two Republicans and a very senior Democrat -- plus big tests for President Obama and Senate Majority…

Juneau Alaska

Obama's Alaska move triggers fight

The Obama administration is moving to block oil and gas production along a major part of Alaska's northern coastline, setting off another energy battle with…

Narendra Modi

Obama and Modi: Best broments

U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are pals, if you haven't heard.

The pair have "chemistry," according to the White House and…

GOP hopefuls weigh in on gay marriage

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says a Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage won't be enough to make it the law of the land overnight.…

Barack Obama serious expression

Obama on Russia: 'Large countries don't bully'

The military option is out, President Barack Obama said Sunday, but the U.S. will be looking at all other options to "ratchet up the pressure on Russia" on…

Mike Huckabee, April 2014

Huckabee straddles line on immigration

Mike Huckabee says deporting immigrants who were brought into the United States as children is like ticketing a child riding in the back seat of a car when the…

Netanyahu Israel

Netanyahu visit continues to stir emotion

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says the United States shouldn't wade into Israeli politics -- even if the country's prime minister, Benjamin…

GOP presidential campaign season gets unofficial start

Protesters interrupt Perry, Christie in Iowa

A man was arrested Saturday at a conservative gathering widely considered the kickoff event for the 2016 Republican presidential race in Iowa.

Marco Malagon,…

Obama's meeting with India's leader shortened

Expectations high for Obama in India

The leaders of India and the United States, testing the diplomatic extent of their personal friendship, said on Sunday they'd made progress on a deal allowing…

Alexis Tsipras

Left-wing Syriza party set to win Greek vote

The firebrand leader of Greece's left-wing Syriza party appeared to be bracing for a bigger battle as he declared victory in Sunday's election.

Now that his…

Sarah Palin 2014

Palin 'seriously interested' in 2016

With a Clinton, a Bush and a Romney all seriously teasing presidential runs, why not a Palin?

Why not, indeed.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008…

Marco Rubio

Team Rubio message: Ready to run

Sen. Marco Rubio is on track to run for president if he decides to jump in the race, an aide tells CNN.

Barack Obama

Obama keeps the lights on bright idea

President Barack Obama hosted 200 mayors at the White House Friday during the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter meeting, and called on local leaders to upgrade…

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Kayyem: How to call a snow day for the kids

Forecasters are anticipating a major storm this week in the Northeast, and many schools are likely to be closed. And, if you are a parent like me, you have got…

Opinion: Nudity doesn't shock us anymore

In Paris on Thursday, fashion designer Rick Owens gave audiences quite a show when he sent male models down the runway wearing clothes with peepholes that…

Opinion: What hostage crisis means for Japan

The scene is like something from a horror movie. Saturday, a known supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria posted a video online of one of two…

Bergen: Mr. Obama goes to Riyadh

On Tuesday President Barack Obama will visit Saudi Arabia to pay his respects to the family of the now-deceased King Abdullah and to his successor, King…

Opinion: Modi and Obama's surprising rapport

India and the United States, the two largest democracies, seem like natural allies. The kinship between their leaders, however, has been a bit of a surprise.…

Opinion: Throw Patriots out of the Super Bowl

It turns out there's a pesky little gremlin lurking around in the Patriots equipment room deflating footballs. Mystery solved. We should have known all along…

Ghitis: Who killed Alberto Nisman?

Alberto Nisman reportedly knew he had powerful enemies; enemies who might kill. Still, he persevered, raising damning accusations against Iranian officials,…

Opinion: Time to rethink Ukraine deal

Hopes that a peace process might take hold in Ukraine this year were quickly dashed by the resumption of heavy fighting last week around Ukraine's Donetsk…

Opinion: Can Miss Universe save the world?

As a guy with a Fred Flintstone physique, competing on the same runway with a Miss Universe contestant was never on my bucket list.

Yet, there I was, alone…

Opinion: Moore wrong on 'American Sniper'

As Americans, we are fortunate to have the right to speak our minds. Filmmaker Michael Moore did just that with his attack on the use of military snipers in…

What's the point of Prince Andrew?

The Duke of York has said his piece and personally made his position clear.

In a much-trailed speech in Davos at a reception at the World Economic Forum the…

Opinion: A dramatic doomsday warning

In a dramatic warning to the world, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced Thursday that the iconic Doomsday Clock has ticked forward by two minutes.…

Kohn: Obama is wrong about 'fast track' trade

During the 2004 presidential election, I spent time near Canton, Ohio, trying to turn out votes for John Kerry. I visited neighborhoods around the struggling…

Sutter: 'Coming out' on climate change

Well, the Senate says climate change isn't a hoax.


But are we causing it?

Oh no-no-no, says half the Senate. Forty-nine senators (full list here) voted…

Opinion: India getting nostalgic over Russia?

When Barack Obama heads to India this weekend to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he will be both the first U.S. president to attend as Chief Guest…

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Obama YouTube stars

YouTube stars interview President Obama

In an attempt to connect to a younger audience, President Barack Obama sat down with, and took questions, from three YouTube stars.

King Abdullah obit

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dead at 90

Saudi Arabian authorities are preparing to bury their late king, in accordance with Islamic tradition. King Abdullah passed away Thursday at the age of 90.

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