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Walker Recall

State Supreme Court to take on voter ID issue

After two previous refusals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will hear arguments on two Wisconsin voter identification cases.

Request made for Capitol Christmas tree ornaments

Gov. Scott Walker has put out the call for ornaments to decorate the Capitol Christmas tree this year.

Impact of governor's tax cut depends on school district

School districts in Dane County say they don't yet know how a property tax proposal will affect taxpayers. But one group is doing some preliminary math, and…

Scott Walker

Governor to head to fundraisers in Seattle, NYC

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month.

Walker slips when referring to federal politics

Gov. Scott Walker quickly caught himself with a laugh when telling reporters he was not "yet" involved with politics at the federal level.

Capitol police issue 25 no-permit citations to 22 singers

Twenty-five no-permit citations were issued Wednesday to 22 people following a tense standoff between Capitol police and protesters.

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Rand Paul

Rand Paul promises to derail NSA vote

Sen. Rand Paul is not backing down on his pledge to end major provisions of the Patriot Act, warning on Saturday that he will keep up his fight as the Senate…

Map of Egypt

Egypt releases U.S. citizen held for activism

A U.S. citizen sentenced to life in an Egyptian prison for his role in demonstrations in support of ousted former President Mohamed Morsy has been released to…

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili

Ukraine makes Georgia ex-president governor

He'd been a thorn in Vladimir Putin's side as president of Georgia, then became an even more vocal and damning critic after leaving office. Now Mikheil…

Maryland Gov Martin O'Malley

A divided Baltimore watches Martin O'Malley

Just days before announcing his campaign for president, Martin O'Malley placed a telephone call to Parris Glendening, the former Maryland governor. Their…

Soldiers memorial, Ft. Hood, Patriot Act

What happens if parts of the Patriot Act lapse?

At 12:01 a.m. on Monday, the U.S. government may find itself with fewer tools to investigate terrorism.

That's because a tense political standoff over expiring…


Walker jabs Clintons over foundation claims

Prospective GOP White House candidate Scott Walker accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of wanting to live by different rules than other Americans, after the…

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Ash Carter: China must end South China Sea militarization

As China rapidly builds new artificial islands in the South China Sea to expand its territory claim there, Washington is adamantly refusing to recognize those…

Dennis Hastert

Sources: Hastert was covering up sex misconduct

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual abuse from the time when Hastert was a teacher…

Obama NSA reforms

Obama warns of fallout without NSA deal

Speaking two days before major provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire, President Barack Obama on Friday warned that without the data collection and…

Anthrax microscope

Army may have shipped live anthrax to Australia

In what is emerging as a widening military investigation into the accidental shipment of live anthrax, the Army discovered it may have shipped the live…

Josh Earnest

WH: 'No justification' for violence in Phoenix

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that there is "no justification" for violence at an anti-Islam rally in Phoenix Friday night.

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee to announce presidential run

Lincoln Chafee will announce he is running for president next month, according to his spokeswoman Debbie Rich.

The former Rhode Island governor and senator, who…


Cuba officially off U.S. terror blacklist

The United States officially removed Cuba from its list of countries that sponsor terrorism on Friday, setting the two nations up for a full renewal of…

Rand Paul

Rand Paul super PAC ad gets creative

It's not your typical political ad.

Phone on plane

The next political battleground: your phone

There's a new political battleground in 2016: your phone.

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Opinion: India's emergency in slow motion

India is in the grip of a deadly heat wave. Daytime temperatures in many states have been running upward of 110 degrees, while nighttime temperatures have…

Reyes: A delay for Obama's immigration action

This week, a Louisiana court handed another setback to the Obama administration's executive action on immigration. In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the Fifth…

Opinion: Tradition of success at spelling bees

The finals for the Scripps National Spelling Bee have once again produced Indian-American winners -- with Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam sharing…

Opinion: Those abusing freedoms threaten them

When you leave your house of worship, you don't usually expect to be greeted by hundreds of bikers, possibly armed, intent on insulting your religion with…

Lewis: IRS data theft not surprising

The Internet wasn't secure when it went public two decades ago, and despite much effort, it's still not secure. A good hacker -- and there are many of them --…

Five things Buhari must tackle

Disclosure is important: I have been part of a team that worked for the new Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari -- from building the cache of photos that…

Why China's space program stands out

China by virtue of the ambition of its space program stands out.

Already, it has managed to land a rover on the Moon and to return an unmanned spacecraft from…

What ISIS and West get wrong about 'jihad'

The Lord is "a man of war" with little patience for unbelievers, we are told in the pages of the ancient text.

"When the LORD thy God shall deliver them…

U.S. 'risks ceding space leadership to China'

It was September 8, 2006.

My hosts picked me up from my Beijing hotel and we began the drive to the Astronaut Center of China (ACC).

As we approached the…

Borger: The Republican Hunger Games

Is it just me, or are some Republican candidates behaving a tad aggressively these days?

Consider this: Carly Fiorina, a onetime CEO of a large computer…

Yes, Putin, this IS America's business (Opinion)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of meddling in FIFA's affairs -- and he's right. We are. And we should be.

Americans might care…

Opinion: What we get wrong about Iran

"Welcome America," exclaimed the smiling Iranian official at passport control when I arrived at 2:30 a.m. in Shiraz, Iran. They weren't the first words I…

Sirois: Why I say Pedro Hernandez not guilty

Imagine that you have a 70 IQ. Imagine that you have a personality disorder where you see visions, have limited emotional range, believe you have telepathic…

Bergen: Why is a war hero being investigated?

Lt. Col. Jason Amerine, a Special Forces war hero who played an instrumental role in the overthrow of the Taliban in the months after 9/11, is under…

Opinion: Can scandal make soccer popular here?

The FIFA soccer scandal is grabbing headlines across the country. While Americans don't love soccer, we do love scandals. In fact, we love scandals so much we…

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Pataki: 'I am candidate for president of US'

Former New York Governor George Pataki announces he is a candidate for president of the United States during a rally in New Hampshire.


Pataki announces candidacy for president

Former New York governor George Pataki enters the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Rick Santorum who is he

Who is Rick Santorum?

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is betting the voters will give him a do-over.

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