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Walker Recall

State Supreme Court to take on voter ID issue

After two previous refusals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it will hear arguments on two Wisconsin voter identification cases.

Request made for Capitol Christmas tree ornaments

Gov. Scott Walker has put out the call for ornaments to decorate the Capitol Christmas tree this year.

Impact of governor's tax cut depends on school district

School districts in Dane County say they don't yet know how a property tax proposal will affect taxpayers. But one group is doing some preliminary math, and…

Scott Walker

Governor to head to fundraisers in Seattle, NYC

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month.

Walker slips when referring to federal politics

Gov. Scott Walker quickly caught himself with a laugh when telling reporters he was not "yet" involved with politics at the federal level.

Capitol police issue 25 no-permit citations to 22 singers

Twenty-five no-permit citations were issued Wednesday to 22 people following a tense standoff between Capitol police and protesters.

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Justin Trudeau

Canada: We'll resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees

Justin Trudeau's newly elected government has confirmed it will resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada within three months, giving top priority to those…


Ben Carson: the most misunderstood candidate?

By Ben Carson's telling, he may be the most misunderstood candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon has shrugged off a series…

American flag hanging down

Ex-official: U.S. leadership needed in Syria

The Turkish downing of a Russian jet near the border with Syria on Tuesday underscores the need for increased American leadership in the Syrian war, according…

Francoise Hollande

Obama: We are all French now

It might be America's oldest alliance, but it has rarely looked more vibrant.

French President François Hollande and U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday…

Turkey shoots down Russian jet

Turkish downing of Russian jet tests 2016 candidates

The Turkish downing of a Russian jet on Tuesday injected even more national security intensity into the 2016 presidential race ---and GOP candidates were…

Chris Martin Obama

Obama sings on Coldplay's next album

Coldplay is set to give an amateur crooner from Washington, D.C., his big break.

Donald Trump Orlando 11.15.15

Trump faces challenge on NH eligibility

A complaint alleging Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is not eligible to be on the New Hampshire primary ballot was dismissed Tuesday.


Bernie Sanders

Sanders won't tell union super PAC to stop

Bernie Sanders declined to disavow a super PAC spending money on his behalf in an interview with CNN on Monday and contradicted a statement his campaign made…

Hollande, Obama

Obama: Turkey has the right to defend itself

Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter plane shouldn't lead to further wartime escalation in the region, President Barack Obama insisted at a press conference…

Global warming, climate change

Is Syrian conflict linked to climate change?

Could terrorism and conflict be directly linked to climate change? "Absolutely," says Britain's Prince Charles in an interview with Sky News that aired on…

Sen Ted Cruz

Iowa poll: Cruz now Trump's chief rival

Ted Cruz has replaced Ben Carson as Donald Trump's chief GOP presidential primary rival in Iowa.

Clinton Spelman

Clinton: Don't get swayed by GOP 'fear tactics and scare mongering'

Hillary Clinton asked voters here in Nevada on Monday to not be swayed by Republicans "fear tactics and scare mongering and inflammatory rhetoric" on…

Donald Trump speaks at a news conference Nov. 3, 2015, in New York City.

Trump: 'Many people jumped and I witnessed it' on 9/11

Donald Trump said Monday that he witnessed people jumping out of the Twin Towers on 9/11 from the view in his apartment.

Donald Trump November 19 2015

Donald Trump's 9/11 celebration claim widely disputed

Donald Trump twice repeated over the weekend that he saw people cheering in New Jersey after the September 11 attacks -- but his claims are being widely…

Marco Rubio August 2

Rubio: Put U.S. attacks against ISIS on YouTube

There's one high-powered weapon that the U.S. needs to deploy against ISIS to really hit home, says Sen. Marco Rubio. YouTube.

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Opinion: Those who have least dream the most

Is it surprising that those of us who start with the least dream the most?

As a 2-year-old girl living in Mexico, my dream was simple: to be reunited with my…

Eric Liu: An America that's more than white

Post-racial? Not quite. And maybe that's all right.

In a new CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll, the number of Americans who say racism is a big problem has…

The cowardice of Chicago officials

It took officials 400 days to charge Jason Van Dyke in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. 400 days.

How does a leader, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, justify…

Opinion: Can we avoid climate apocalypse?

It's probably the most important number you've never heard of: 2 degrees Celsius.

That's when climate change starts to get especially dangerous. Nearly every…

Opinion: Assad only winner as Russia jet downed

What a difference 12 hours can make. Just as the Syria peace negotiations in Vienna were moving ahead, news came that the Turkish air force had downed a…

Why Adele speaks to you

As you read this, the numbers cited below are changing at such a spectacular rate that the recording industry is pinching itself to see if it's dreaming ...…

Miller: 10 tips for the age of terrorism

Nobody ever said life would be easy. On Monday, the U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert, citing threats from groups such as ISIS, al Qaeda…

How is this not World War III?

Turkish forces shot down a Russian plane near the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday, dangerously escalating a conflict that is expanding ever more rapidly and…

Beating ISIS will take an army -- and a goal

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France ratcheted up its bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria, and British Prime Minister David Cameron wants…

With race-baiting, Trump in his comfort zone

After a protester who shouted "black lives matter" was assaulted by members of the crowd at one of Donald Trump's rallies, the presidential candidate said on…

Opinion: Shocking video of police shooting

A Cook County Circuit Court judge has ruled that police must release dashcam video showing the death of 17-year-old old Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times…

Dempsey: How to solve Europe's refugee crisis

Hours after the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, the blame game began. Populist, conservative and Eurosceptic parties and movements…

'How I became addicted to slot machines'

When I came out recently about my gambling past, one of the most common responses I got from people is, "you don't look like a gambling addict!"

What does that…

Sutter: The town that stood up to coal

Kenneth Medicine Bull remembers the warning.

Don't dig up the coal "even if we become the poorest of the poor," the 59-year-old elder on the Northern Cheyenne…

Opinion: How to keep U.S. safe from ISIS

Recent attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Paris, Beirut, the Sinai Peninsula and other locations underscore the significant terror capabilities…

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Argentine president dances

Argentine president-elect dances after runoff win

Argentine president-elect Mauricio Macri couldn't help himself when he won he defeated Daniel Scioli in a runoff election. He just had to dance.

Man kicked out of Trump event

Protester describes violent confrontation at Trump event

The Black Lives Matter activist who protested at Donald Trump's campaign rally on Saturday said the half-dozen white attendees who shoved, tackled, punched and…

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