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Reality Check: Doyle Fires Back At Green In Latest TV Ad

Second In Two-Part Series Analyzing Green, Doyle Ads On Illegal Immigration

MADISON, Wis. - Wasting no time and leaving nothing to chance, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle responded to attack ads from Republican gubernatorial hopeful Mark Green over claims he is promoting illegal immigration.

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Doyle's ad goes further than defending himself, saying Green and Congress "failed to act" on the controversial issue.

The announcer in the Doyle ad starts by directly refuting a recent ad from Green, in which Green accuses Doyle of supporting welfare support for illegal immigrants.

"Welfare for illegal immigrants? No way Congressman Green," said the announcer in the TV ad. "Gov. Doyle has always opposed welfare and Social Security for illegal immigrants."

This claim "needs clarification", according to WISC-TV.

Doyle said he opposes welfare and social security for those in the United States illegally but, as WISC-TV reported previously in an analysis of Green's ad, Doyle vetoed a bill which would have made it harder for non-citizens to get benefits like welfare.

Doyle said the bill would have denied some U.S. citizens in the process if they couldn't find important documents such as their birth certificate.

The ad continues to defend Doyle's record: "[Doyle] even sent the guard to patrol the border."

This statement is "misleading" according to WISC-TV

Doyle did send troops but it was President George W. Bush's idea and at his request. Plus, when Bush announced the plan in May, Doyle had reservations about the program.

At the time, Doyle said it was "very questionable" if Bush had the authority to send Wisconsin National Guard troops, adding "it would be too big a stretch" to a National Guard already deployed oversees in combat.

Next in the ad, Doyle shifts the focus to Green and Congress.

"It's you in Congress that's failed to act -- 2,100 people cross illegally, each day," said the announcer in the heavily played campaign commercial.

The claim that Congress has "failed to act" is a subjective term. But, it's worth noting, that at the end of September, Green voted to add 1,500 new border patrol agents and approved more money for fencing in a Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill.

Plus, the idea that 2,100 people cross illegally each day is an estimate since it's almost impossible to actually track illegal immigrants.

At the end of the commercial, the announcer said: "And while you voted for $8 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil, your budget plan cuts 2,000 police and firefighters."

WISC-TV found that it's "true" Green voted for an energy bill which included tax breaks for big oil companies. Green said those tax breaks will spur supply, which will lower gas prices.

But, Doyle's claim about Green's budget proposal cutting 2,000 police and firefighters is "misleading", according to WISC-TV.

Green has proposed capping government spending at current levels. He has not suggested which programs would be cut to achieve that goal. Also, police and fire staffing is a local decision and even if the state put stricter limits on local government spending, those positions would likely be the last to go.

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