Community members hold 'open seat' town hall for Speaker Paul Ryan

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Hundreds of constituents attended a town hall in Janesville Saturday afternoon without the guest of honor.

The Wisconsin Progressive Alliance held the town hall for House Speaker Paul Ryan. Even though Ryan did not attend, organizers addressed him, going as far as to set up a chair for him.

Participants talked about the new American Healthcare Act and how it will differ from the Affordable Care Act.

"I guess I would say, 'Where are you for the people who need healthcare?' I'm thinking about my mom and some of my students who are graduating and going out in the world who don't have employee sponsored jobs right away. They're going to lose their insurance if their parents even have insurance. It's very demoralizing, especially for young people," co-organizer Megan Miller said.

Organizers said Ryan told them via email he had prior commitments scheduled Saturday. Spokespeople for Ryan said when the speaker schedules a town hall that he will attend, it will be posted on his website.

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