The Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over the weekend.

In the endorsement, the paper’s editorial board cited that there hasn't been enough hope and too little change in the last four years.

The paper endorsed President Obama in 2008 and stated this year's endorsement was not easy to make.

The editorial board wrote that it disagreed with Romney's stance on social issues, like marriage equality and abortion rights, but also said that the president has yet to lay out a clear vision for the next four years.

Romney carried that message to his campaign stops on Sunday, calling the president divisive.

Romney campaigned in Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Virginia today, while Paul Ryan stopped quickly in Green Bay this morning.

The Republican vice presidential candidate joined a Lambeau Field tailgate party for about 10 minutes before heading off to other swing states.

Ryan is set to be back in Milwaukee late Monday night, after a packed day visiting Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and Ohio.