With a week to go before the recall vote, Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett are both out campaigning.

Barrett scheduled four stops Tuesday with former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold in Baraboo, Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield and Green Bay.

Walker made a campaign stop at Husco International in Waukesha in the morning and then held an official groundbreaking and jobs announcement for Ashley Furniture in Whitehall.

"We've got a plan to move this state forward. We've built a positive foundation of success to move our state forward, but were not done yet," Walker said.

Barrett again challenged Walker on the ongoing John Doe investigation following a new report saying investigators are looking into possible bid rigging in Milwaukee County when Walker was Milwaukee County executive.

The John Doe investigation has led to charges being filed against several former Walker aides and associates.

"(Walker) refuses to answer any questions -- even questions as basic as who is paying for his defense fees. And he refused to release these emails, and he's asking the people of Wisconsin to trust him on Election Day," Barrett said.

Walker dismissed questions Tuesday, saying his administration didn't accept any bids and that he wasn't allowed to release his county emails by request of the district attorney.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board said it's predicting turnout for next week's recall election to reach as high as 65 percent.

The board estimated that between 60 percent and 65 percent of those old enough to vote will cast ballots, which is higher than the nearly 50 percent turnout in the 2010 general election that put Walker in office.

Tuesday is also the deadline for both Barrett and Walker to submit their latest campaign finance reports which will show money raised and spent from April 24 through May 21.

Walker has raised more than $30 million since he took office, including at least $5.8 million in the last five weeks.

Walker reported raising $5 million between April 24 and May 21. Additional reports show he has brought in another $800,000 since then.

Barrett reported raising about $3.4 million over the same five-week period and about $4.2 million since getting into the race.

Walker reported several large donations, including $100,000 from Richard Pieper of Pieper Electric in Milwaukee. Walker also got $50,000 from Richard Roberts, president of URL Pharma in Philadelphia and $25,000 from Max Carney, chief executive officer of Midwest Insurance Co. in Springfield, Ill.

Outside groups have spent tens of millions more on the recall race.