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Thousands gather at Capitol to protest right-to-work

Thousands of Wisconsin union workers have rallied at the Capitol to protest a right-to-work bill set to be taken up again this week.

Capitol Square protesters ask Walker for apology

Protesters who came to the capitol in 2011 in the lead-up to the passage of Act 10 are calling for an apology from Gov. Scott Walker. Jessica Arp reports.

Walker says UW requested deletion of sexual assault report

Walker CPAC

Gov. Scott Walker's spokeswoman says the University of Wisconsin System requested that it no longer have to report allegations of sexual assaults to the state…

Mayoral candidates disagree on State Street's future

Mayoral candidates Paul Soglin and Scott Resnick squared off on the fate of State Street during their first candidates’ forum since the primary election.

Legislators looking for specific cost of Bucks' arena

The co-chairmen of the state Legislature's Joint Finance Committee are pressing the Milwaukee Bucks owners to be specific about how much a new arena would cost.

Walker: Protesters prepared him to confront global terrorism

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says his experience taking on protesters in his state helped prepare him to take on terrorists across the world.

Assembly committee to take up right-to-work bill during hearing

The Assembly Labor Committee has scheduled a 10-hour hearing on Monday on the right-to-work bill, which passed the Senate Wednesday night on a 17-15 vote.

Walker says timing was right for right-to-work

Gov. Scott Walker says the "timing was just right" for the Legislature to take up a right-to-work bill, which could be sent to Walker as soon as next week.

Assembly leaders had promised no right-to-work debate

Republican leaders of the Wisconsin state Assembly promised last year that a right-to-work bill would not come up this session.

Walker announces European trade mission

Likely 2016 presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker is planning a trade mission to Europe in the coming weeks.

Nonpartisan analysis of Walker budget released

A nonpartisan analysis of Gov. Scott Walker's nearly $70 billion budget proposal has been released in advance of legislative hearings next week.

Walker says he'd 'rather be ahead than behind' in 2016 race

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hasn't officially announced that he's running for president, but he continues to send strong signals that a candidacy is inevitable.

Walker strikes aggressive tone in talking about terrorists

Gov. Scott Walker continues to strike an aggressive tone when talking about his position on how the United States should deal with terrorists abroad, saying "…

Senate passes right-to-work bill, Assembly committee sets hearing

The Senate passed the right-to-work bill 17-15 after eight hours of debate Wednesday.

Emotions behind protesters paint picture of concern about future

Amidst the protests and debate surrounding the right-to-work bill four people were arrested, but the emotions behind the protests paint a picture of those so…

Emotions behind protesters paint picture of concern about future

Amidst the protests and debate surrounding the right-to-work bill four people were arrested, but the emotions behind the protests paint a picture of those so…

Senate passes right-to-work bill 17-15

The Senate passed the right-to-work bill 17-15 after eight hours of debate Wednesday.

Speed, apathy mute protests vs. right-to-work bill

For two straight days this week, 2,000 union members converged on Wisconsin's Capitol to rally against a new right-to-work bill, chanting, marching and…

Unions for professional athletes oppose right-to-work

Unions for professional baseball, football and hockey players are all opposing the right-to-work proposal in Wisconsin.

People escorted from gallery during right-to-work debate

About a dozen protesters who spoke out during the debate in the state Senate over a right-to-work bill have been removed by police.

Two sides of business world react to right-to-work bill

Two businesses owners reliant on an employee workforce have very different opinions on proposed right-to-work bill being considered by the state Legislature.

Farrow introduces bill to delay reporting school tests

Results of tests given to Wisconsin public school students this year would not be used on the state's report cards and teacher evaluations would be delayed a…

Senate to take up right-to-work bill; Rally scheduled

The full state Senate is expected to vote on right-to-work Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. after a shortened public hearing Tuesday that sent dozens of people waiting…

Feingold mum on next move following envoy job

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold is leaving his job as a special envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa without tipping his hand on his next potentially…

2 buses of police arrive at Capitol before rally

It appears the right-to-work rally at the Wisconsin state Capitol is over.

Downtown business sound off on potential protests


With at least two rallies against right-to-work legislation scheduled this week, downtown businesses have been put on alert.

Labor chief: Unions to push on wages in 2016 campaign

The nation's top labor leader says politicians of all ideologies have failed American workers in an era of rising profits and declining wages, and he's vowing…

Ad campaign to defeat right to work in Wis. launched

A group that advocates for spending on transportation and other infrastructure projects says it is launching a series of radio and television ads to stop a…

Right-to-work court battles look tough for unions

A labor expert says Wisconsin union leaders probably won't get much help from judges if they decide to challenge Republicans' new right-to-work provisions in…

UW students: Budget would lead to increased fees, tuition

University of Wisconsin students are warning Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan would lead to fee and tuition increases.

Wisconsin union leaders say right to work hurts families

Private and public-sector unions are joining together to stop a right-to-work bill that Republicans have put on a fast track to pass in the Wisconsin…

Governors: No clear plan if health care subsidies fall, health care website, Obamacare

Millions of people could lose health insurance subsidies if the Supreme Court sides with opponents of President Barack Obama's health care law.

Lawmaker wants to repeal handgun waiting period

A Racine lawmaker wants to repeal Wisconsin's 48-hour waiting period to buy handguns.

Second fight over union rights comes to Wis.

The fight over union rights returns to Wisconsin this week, four years after a debate that sparked massive protests and catapulted Gov. Scott Walker onto the…

Some Republican Governors back Homeland Security showdown

Several Republican governors are urging GOP congressional leaders to stand firm against legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security if the bill…

Gov. Walker says he doesn't know if Obama loves his country

Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin says he doesn't know whether President Barack Obama loves America.

Wisconsin AFL-CIO plans rallies over right-to-work bill

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has planned rallies Tuesday and Wednesday in Madison to protest a bill that would make Wisconsin a right-to-work state.

Federal highway spending in state dipped over 5 years

Federal aid for Wisconsin highways has dropped by 3.6 percent, nearly $28 million, over the five years ending in 2013.

Madison mayoral candidates sound off on right-to-work bill

mayoral candidate presser

Local politicians sounded off on the controversial right-to-work bill Saturday.

Republicans plan vote on right-to-work; Walker would sign it

State lawmakers are moving quickly to pass right-to-work legislation in Wisconsin.

Right-to-work bill announcement brings some surprise

Director of the Marquette Law School Poll Charles Franklin visits to talk about the Republicans' plan to vote on a right-to-work bill and the announcement's…

Governors jockey behind closed doors as 2016 looms

Pay little attention to the official agenda for this weekend's meeting of the National Governors Association. It's the presidential politics being played in…

Democrats criticize Giuliani comments, Walker in attendance

Democrats are assailing former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Barack Obama's love of country.

Senate committee stalls upskirting bill, calls it too severe

A bill that would make upskirting — the act of secretly taking a photo of someone's genitals, buttocks or breasts — a stand-alone felony has reached a…

Parisi proposes 33-acre, $418K parks purchase

Two Dane County parks may be adding to their acres at a combined cost of $418,000.

Republican hopes to have elections board bill by April

A Republican state lawmaker working on reorganizing the nonpartisan board that oversees elections and ethics laws in Wisconsin says he hopes to have a proposal…

Court affirms part of Walker rules law unconstitutional

school bus generic 2

A state appeals court says a portion of a law that gives the governor the power to block new education rules is unconstitutional.

Assembly Republicans taking new approach on school sanctions

Assembly Republicans are backing off their original plan to force failing public schools to be converted into independent charter schools.

Former state Sen. Leibham hired to lobby for right to work

Former Republican state Sen. Joe Leibham has been hired by the Wisconsin chamber of commerce to lobby the Legislature on right to work.

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