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Governor appoints son of foundation president to regents

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Gov. Scott Walker has appointed the son of a president of a foundation that supports conservative causes to the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.

Emails show disputes continue on Wisconsin Supreme Court

Even with a new chief justice, the disputes continue behind the scenes inside the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Lawmakers nix Walker plan to eliminate higher ed board

College, uw, university, generic

Lawmakers on the Legislature's budget-writing committee have killed Gov. Scott Walker's plan to eliminate a small state agency that approves and regulates…

Legislator preparing to unveil bill legalizing blaze pink

Real men could wear pink in the woods under a bill legislators are preparing to unveil next week that would legalize blaze pink for hunters.

Budget panel OKs seeking to raise Medicaid premiums for some

Low-income childless adults on Wisconsin's BadgerCare Plus Medicaid program may have to pay higher premiums if they engage in risky behavior.

Finance committee leaves SeniorCare program alone

The Legislature's finance committee has rejected Gov. Scott Walker's cuts to Wisconsin's popular SeniorCare program.

UW Colleges face significant cuts under Walker’s budget

UW Rock County is quiet in the days between commencement and summer classes, but Joel Frat still keeps an eye on campus.

Finance committee approves changes to job creation agency

The Legislature's finance committee has approved a host of changes to Gov. Scott Walker's floundering job creation agency, including removing the governor as…

Republicans mulling possible bike tax

Bike Wheel

One of the leaders of the Legislature's finance committee says his colleagues are pondering imposing a new tax on new bike sales.

State lawmakers cut funding, make changes to WEDC

State lawmakers take Gov. Scott Walker off the WEDC board and talk cutting funding. Jessica Arp reports.

Legislators mull $25 on new bike sales to fund program

The Complete Streets law requires that the needs of cyclists and pedestrians be facctored in to new road construction. To pay for building new bike lanes and…

Feingold-founded PAC suspends activity

Democrat Russ Feingold has suspended his political action committee Progressives United to avoid the appearance of a conflict with his run for the U.S. Senate.

Finance committee to mull changes to SeniorCare budget

The Legislature's finance committee is set to make changes to Wisconsin's popular SeniorCare program.

Schools react to voucher expansion, other school changes

State lawmakers made major changes to public school funding and policy early Wednesday morning, and schools are reacting with excitement and concern.

Democrats demand GOP end hearing on Milwaukee police videos

Minority Democrats are demanding Republicans who run the Legislature's criminal justice committees end a hearing looking into why Milwaukee Police video…

Lawmakers hope to expedite 20-week abortion ban bill

Republican state lawmakers say they hope to pass a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of gestation before the budget is debated in June.

More than 700 miles of interstates to be 70 mph

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that allows state transportation officials to raise the speed limit to 70 mph on some Wisconsin roads.

Governor signs bill to keep Badger Exam off school reports

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a Republican-authored bill that would ensure scores on the statewide Badger Exam public school children are taking this spring…

Madison schools could be subject to takeover bill

A sweeping proposal giving control of the lowest-performing schools in Milwaukee to a commissioner who could fire all the teachers and administrators might…

Disability advocates rail against special needs vouchers

Wisconsin disability advocates say the Legislature's finance committee move to approve a special needs voucher program amounted to a "budgetary sneak attack."

Fitzgerald says prevailing wage repeal is unlikely

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he doesn't have the votes to repeal the state's prevailing wage law, but he hopes to reform the…

Forget grades: Wisconsin school report cards may have stars

If Republicans on the Legislature's budget-writing committee get their way, Wisconsin schools would be rated on a five-star system.

Republicans vote to increase school funding, expand vouchers

Classroom, school, education, desks

The Wisconsin Legislature's budget-writing committee on Tuesday unveiled its long-anticipated funding plan related to education issues in the state for the…

Committee votes to expand Wisconsin voucher program

The Legislature's budget-writing committee has voted to expand Wisconsin's private-school voucher program.

Committee approves alternatives for teacher licenses

Teacher Salaries - Generic

Wisconsin schools would be able to hire people who don't have a bachelor's degree to teach subjects like math, science, technology and engineering under a…

Civics test would be required to graduate high school

The Legislature's budget committee wants to require Wisconsin high school students to pass the civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test to graduate despite…

Proposal opens public school sports to private students

Home-schooled students and those attending private, virtual or charter schools would have to be allowed to play sports and participate in extracurricular…

Lawmakers to consider alternatives for teacher licenses

Wisconsin schools would be able to hire people who don't have a bachelor's degree to teach subjects like math, science, technology and engineering under a…

Board approves adding deductibles to employee health plans

hospital, bed, illness, stay, sick, insurance, health, stethoscope, injury, doctor, nurse, patient

A state insurance board has voted to add deductibles and increase out-of-pocket payments in state employees' health care plans, a measure that could cost…

Committee votes to cut 60 Wisconsin prison guard positions

Sixty tower guard positions in 10 Wisconsin prisons would be eliminated under a vote by the Legislature's budget committee.

Budget committee approves more spending for prison beds

prison, bars, locked up, generic, custody

The Legislature's budget committee has approved spending an additional $5 million above previous estimates to pay for housing inmates in the state prison…

Group: Walker illegally withholding records related to 'Wisconsin Idea' rewrite

madison, uw-madison, university_of_wisconsin

A liberal advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker, saying he is illegally withholding records related to his proposal to rewrite the…

Health insurance opt-out payments for state workers approved

The Legislature's finance committee has approved a plan in Gov. Scott Walker's budget to offer state workers $2,000 a year to opt out of taking…

Drug-testing for public beneficiaries up for vote

The Legislature's budget committee is set to vote on Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to require drug screenings for recipients of public aid programs like food…

Walker copied in on letter about questionable loan

scott walker generic

A newspaper is reporting that records suggest Gov. Scott Walker received a letter pledging a $500,000 loan to a campaign donor's construction company.

Walker's ban on Common Core up for vote

Textbook, school, classroom, education

Gov. Scott Walker's proposal prohibiting the state superintendent from forcing local school districts to adopt Common Core academic standards is up for a vote…

Questions continue about state's job creation agency

Sen. Lassa and Sen. Barca

Questions continue this week about the state's job creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., and Democratic lawmakers are calling for a…

UW-Madison could eliminate 434 total positions, lay off 70

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is preparing for potential state budget cuts with a plan to eliminate 434 positions, resulting in a total of 70 layoffs.

Nygren: School aid could increase $75 per student

The Republican co-chair of the Legislature's budget-writing committee says he would like to see funding for public schools increase $75 per student.

Budget committee to delay transportation votes

The Legislature's budget-writing committee won't be voting on transportation issues as originally planned this week.

Democrats demand feds probe Walker's job agency

Sen. Lassa and Sen. Barca

Democratic lawmakers are calling on federal investigators to launch a probe into Gov. Scott Walker's flagship job creation agency.

Roggensack presides as Wisconsin Supreme Court chief

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack has presided as chief justice for the first time after being elected by her colleagues to replace longtime…

Walker talks to voucher group as expansion debated

Gov. Scott Walker is delivering a keynote address at a national meeting of a group that advocates for private school vouchers, at the same time Wisconsin…

High court won't hear appeal over Walker campaign probe

The Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from a conservative group seeking to end an investigation into possible illegal coordination between Wisconsin Gov.…

Gov. Walker discusses Israel trip, defends travel

Gov. Scott Walker says he is "fully engaged" in state business as he continues to travel the country and the world as part of an exploration of a presidential…

Walker says he's not disappointed in job creation agency performance

Governor Scott Walker said he is not disappointed in his state economic development agency, despite two scathing audits and his own announcements to make…

Walker says he's not disappointed in job creation agency performance

Governor Scott Walker said he is not disappointed in his state economic development agency, despite two scathing audits and his own announcements to make…

Investigation: Walker aides pressed for $500K business loan

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A newspaper investigation has found Gov. Scott Walker's top aides pressed for a taxpayer-funded $500,000 loan to a struggling construction company.

Lawmakers set to deal with growing female prison population

prison, bars, locked up, generic, custody

The Legislature's finance committee is set to decide this week how to handle the state's growing number of women prisoners after forecasts show the population…

Johnson accuses Baldwin of violating agreement on judges

Baldwin - Senate

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin violated a bipartisan agreement over the process for filling a longtime vacancy on a…

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