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Daughters on the campaign trail

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

With the 2016 election season entering its final days, take a look back at the prominent daughters of politicians and their roles in their parents' campaigns.

GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Trump and Carson at debate

Sparks flew between the Republican candidates for president during two debates held Wednesday night in Colorado.

GOP presidential debate takeaways

Senate debate CNBC

The top 10 leading GOP candidates debated for more than two hours in Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday night. Here are takeaways from the debate.

Paul Ryan's run for Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan 2

Rep. Paul Ryan announced Thursday that he is officially running for speaker of the House, and he is likely to be elected next week.

Sanders, Clinton dominate Dems debate

Sanders speaks, Clinton looks on

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dominated the stage at their first debate Tuesday night.

The women of political sex scandals

Monica Lewinsky

From Monica Lewinsky to Sydney Leathers, take a look at the women involved in steamy political sex scandals.

America's most political states

Voting election blurb

It's Election Day! Find out which state has the most passionate voters.

States with early voting

Voters election men and women

If you live in one of these 33 places, you can cast your ballot early in the upcoming midterm elections.

America's most conservative states

Republican Party, national convention

More Americans are identifying as conservatives, according to a new poll. Find out what states are most likely to lean Republican.

What to know about midterm elections

Politician, politics, debate, election

As the 2014 midterm elections approach, learn more facts, key dates and history behind these mid-point elections.

America's most liberal states

Republican, Democrat, political buttons

Overall, Americans are more likely to self-identify as conservatives than liberals. But that gap has shrunk, according to a Gallup poll.

State of the union: Where does your state rank?

As the midterm elections approach, check out your state's "state of the union."

12 cringe-worthy moments in debate history

Kennedy-Nixon 1960 debate

Some debates are harder to watch than others. Take a look back at 12 cringe-worthy moments in debate history.

5 closest U.S. presidential elections

Bush wins 2000 blurb

Here are five of the closest presidential races in U.S. history since 1840 as compiled by Yahoo!.

Romney face tattoo man: 'No regrets'

Romney face tattoo man

A pro-wrestler in Indiana who tattooed the Mitt Romney logo on his face says he has "no regrets."

Biden to cameo on 'Parks and Rec'

Joe Biden at US Military Academy graduation ceremony, 2012

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" has a VIP guest in next week's episode.


Projection: McCaskill beats Akin to keep Senate seat

 Sen. Claire McCaskill

Democrat Claire McCaskill has successfully defended her U.S. Senate seat against GOP challenger Todd Akin in a race that received national attention because…

Mitt Romney

Former governor of Massachusetts

'Bronco Bamma,' Romney make little girl cry

Abigael Evans

A 4-year-old Colorado girl is so tired of hearing about the presidential election it drove her to tears.


Which presidents were most unhealthy

White House file

The health of a president can change the attitude of a nation -- or the course, if he dies. Take a look at how healthy some of our past leaders were.

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