Poll data: Battleground-state wins connected with labor unions

Exit polls indicate labor unions supported Obama

Published On: Nov 10 2012 11:19:24 AM CST   Updated On: Nov 10 2012 11:27:20 AM CST
Obama election night rally 1

Exit polls showed the nation's big labor unions played a major role in helping President Barack Obama win the battleground states of Ohio, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Now, it's the leaders' hope to see a broader pro-union agenda from the White House.

Topping the wish list -- for now -- is a push to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and discourage Obama from agreeing to any deal with Republicans over the looming “fiscal cliff” that cuts into Social Security and Medicare.

But unions are also pressing for new measures that might help boost their sagging membership rolls. That includes new investment in infrastructure, immigration reforms and new regulations that would remove some obstacles to union organizing.

Business groups have vigorously opposed measures designed to help unions recruit new members.