Madison voters will be able to cast in-person absentee ballots for the first time at a Madison public libraries.

Early voting for the November election starts Sept. 26 in the city of Madison.

In an effort to shorten notoriously long lines for voting, the Madison city clerk's office has trained librarians at all nine public libraries to process absentee votes.

"We are really hopeful that a lot of people are going to take advantage of this opportunity," said Krissy Wick, director of public services for the Madison Public Library. "People who don't want to pay for parking to come downtown, who might have a different kind of work schedule and could only go on weekends, we hope this is going to make voting more accessible and more appealing to people."

The hours for voting at the libraries will be the same as each library's hours, which means that absentee voting will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays and in the evenings. Early voting will stop 30 minutes before the library closes each night.

In previous years, lines stretched through the hallways of the City County Building, and voters waited for hours. The hope is that offering an opportunity to vote in neighborhoods will be more convenient for residents as well as help alleviate the wait time.

A full list of library and City County Building early voting hours can be found online.