A 23-year-old Madison man was arrested on suspicion of attempted theft after police said he was seen trying to break into cars.

The Madison Police Department said officers responded to citizen reports of a male trying to break into cars on the 300 block of Patterson Street and the 300 block of South Livingston Street Friday afternoon.

Citizens told police they saw a man at about 3:15 p.m. riding his bicycle next to parked cars trying the door handles as he rode past. When he found an unlocked car he would enter it, the report said.

Police spotted the man on his bike and the man fled with officers in pursuit on foot.

According to the report, officers set up a perimeter around Hancock, Wilson, Franklin and Main streets and located the bicyclist in a backyard where he was taken into custody. Witnesses told police the man had entered at least five unlocked cars.

Dylan Giernoth was charged with resisting an officer and five counts of attempted theft.

Lt. Cory Nelson said citizens should lock their vehicles when parked to help prevent thefts.

"A simple locked door was enough to dissuade Giernoth from entering vehicles," Nelson wrote in the report. "Also, please remember [not to] leave any valuables or purses in plain sight in the vehicle. At a minimum, lock them in your trunk."