Police said an angry driver ripped the door handle off a woman's SUV after he claimed she cut him off on a north side Madison roadway. 

The Madison Police Department said a 37-year-old man was cited with disorderly conduct in connection with a road rage incident on the onramp to Interstate 94 from East Washington Avenue. 

Police said the man stopped his car on the ramp in a way that blocked a 43-year-old woman from continuing to drive. He got out of his car, pounded on the woman's windshield and ripped the driver's side door handle off the vehicle, scaring the driver and her 12-year-old daughter. 

Police said the woman got the man's plate number and called police. 

The man told police the woman had cut him off on the onramp, which caused his car to slide sideways and stop. He got out of his car because he feared the woman was going to drive into him, according to the report.