Police said a 79-year old Madison woman was swindled out of more than $1,000 recently in a phone scam.

Police said a woman living on Camden Road received a call Monday at 8 a.m. claiming she had won $3 million and a car in a contest she had never entered.

First the victim sent a $150 check to an address in Georgia to cover a "foreign country tax," as her alleged winnings were coming from overseas.

Next she loaded $900 on Green Dot Money Pak cards and provided corresponding card account numbers to the "prize team." She was told the funds were needed for insurance and transfer fees, according to police.

Following the transactions, the victim was led to believe that her prize would arrive between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. When no prize patrol showed, she called police.

An officer looked at her records and found the phone number being used by the criminals: 1-876-887-5202.