Packers Fans Celebrate At Lambeau Rally

Tickets To Packers' Rally Sell Out Fast

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Green Bay Packers fans turned out in droves for a Super Bowl celebration at Lambeau Field on Tuesday.


It has been 14 years since a celebration like the one in Green Bay on Tuesday afternoon, and fans showed how much they love their team.

Wisconsin fans have been celebrating since Sunday's Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers near Dallas. The victory gave Green Bay its fourth Super Bowl title.

Coach Mike McCarthy, along with several players, thanked the sold-out crowed of more than 50,000.

"I want to thank the fans. You're clearly an energy source for our football team," McCarthy said. "Just keep bringing that passion, that energy, and we'll keep bringing those trophies back home to you. Great job this year!"

Fans like Jan Pliva, of the Czech Republic, were still eager to celebrate the Packers' season.

"I think it's pretty awesome that they won the Super Bowl -- right this year, when I am here. It's just awesome -- a Super Bowl win after 14 years," Pliva said.

Aside from the Lombardi Trophy's entrance and a standing ovation for Donald Driver, the loudest it got at Lambeau Field was for Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Although it was just 7 degrees at Lambeau Field on Tuesday, the fans showed why they really are the best in the world.

"We accomplished our goal. We set out, on March 16, 2010, to bring another championship back to Titletown," McCarthy said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt also participated. The event also featured a special season highlights video on Lambeau Field's TundraVision and a celebratory fireworks display at the conclusion.

Tickets for the rally sold out quickly. Team spokesman Aaron Popkey said 50,000 of the $5 tickets were available for Tuesday afternoon's Return to Titletown rally and all were sold by Monday night. The money will go to charity.

The online ticket sales site StubHub was selling the tickets for as much as $140.

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