Outdoor enthusiasts favor new wolf-dog hunt rules

State regulators will consider votes in May meeting

MADISON, Wis. - A statewide vote finds a majority of Wisconsin outdoor enthusiasts support the Department of Natural Resources' proposed new rules for using dogs to hunt wolves.

The DNR released vote results Tuesday. The Conservation Congress, a group of influential sportsmen, asked thousands of people who attended annual spring hearings whether they're behind the agency's proposed rules limiting the number of dogs wolf hunters can use and the training season.

The annual spring hearings attracted more than 6,000 people, which were held locally in each county on Monday.

The DNR released the vote results Tuesday. The vote is advisory only. The Natural Resources Board will consider vote results and written comments at its May 22 meeting in Madison.

Under the regulations, hunters would be allowed to train dogs on wolves during daylight hours during the wolf season and the month of March. The rules also would require each dog to have identification.

A group of humane societies filed a lawsuit in August alleging Wisconsin wildlife officials failed to impose any restrictions on training dogs on wolves.

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