MMSD's new initiative provides personalized pathway to students

MMSD's new initiative provides...

We believe the Madison Metropolitan School District’s new initiative to provide every student with an individual plan to prepare for life after high school is an exciting new method of getting ready for college, for a career, and to be good citizens.

We like the rich mix of college and career exploration options, multi-disciplinary courses and experiences, thematic projects and academic rigor.

We like that it responds to the real world in which these students will learn and work and live. And we like that it will eventually extend to every high school student in the district.

For now though the concept will begin with 120 to 150 freshmen voluntarily opting into a personalized pathway and students needs to sign up in the next couple of weeks. You can do that and learn more at the MMSD website. We’re excited, and we think this is going to work.

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