Making Smart Transit Choices

Madison and Milwaukee prove wisdom of transit options

Published On: Dec 17 2013 05:57:44 PM CST
Neil Heinen photo

One of the most aggravating aspects of following what passed for dialogue on the proposed high speed rail project for Wisconsin was the deliberate ignorance of those leading the conversation, especially on talk radio. Despite clear evidence of increased economic vitality in communities embracing multi-model transit, and an obvious generational shift in transportation preferences, way too many pundits chose to pander to their anti-government-at-any-cost constituents, emphasis on at any cost. Because the cost in Wisconsin has been huge.

Recently a study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group found that of the 100 largest urbanized areas in the nation Madison and Milwaukee ranked number two and number three in reduced driving miles and rates of car commuting and greater use of public transit and biking.

The talkers absurd defense of automobile-only transportation investment was not only disingenuous it was remarkably short-sighted and deliberately misleading. And because Governor Walker didn’t have the wisdom or the courage to see through the nonsense the damage done to Wisconsin has been significant. The sooner we reverse that the better.