It was disappointing to be out of town late last week and miss the long-awaited opportunity to celebrate the beginning of marriage equality in Wisconsin. Equal rights for gay and lesbian couple is something this editorial board has strongly supported for a long time.

Coincidentally, I was in New York where marriage equality has been the law for three years now. It was interesting to read and hear about Wisconsin’s court ruling in an environment that welcomes and supports diversity like New York.

One of our biggest regrets is how far behind other states Wisconsin has fallen in terms of inclusion and sending a message that all people are respected and protected here. But Judge Crabb’s ruling has begun to change that and we’re grateful.

We’re also aware that there is a need for clarity on the ruling that will take some time. So while it’s hard to ask loving couple to wait still longer patience is needed, at least in some counties.

But that clarity will come, just as surely as justice has come for same sex couples. Both are warmly and sincerely welcomed.