It's A Deal, And Ryan Deserves Credit

Not that he'll get it from some members of his own party

Published On: Dec 11 2013 06:00:20 PM CST
Neil Heinen photo

We have a deal. The bi-partisan Congressional negotiating team charged with trying to reach a budget agreement to avoid yet another shutdown of the federal government and prolonged economic ill effects from sequestration reached a two year deal that at first glance looks like a down the middle split of Republican and Democratic priorities.

The temptation is to write this deal off as a Congress that knows its approval rating with the American people couldn’t be allowed to sink any lower. And there are likely people in both parties who will do everything they can to scuttle the deal from sheer hubris. Yet, there is a deal on the table, and from where we stand the credit has to go to Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray. And because Ryan has the tougher sell we’re giving the bulk of the credit to him. The Tea Party will beat him up. Who knows what so-called leadership will do. But Ryan showed courage and a welcome sense of responsibility and statesmanship and it’s a pleasure to see. We’re proud of him