As of Monday, Wisconsin is the first state in the country to allow the use of dogs for hunting wolves. It is our guess that few people have given this much thought. It is also our guess that if they would give it some thought they would be appalled.

Like many issues this one is complicated by politics and values and money. And then there is the emotion connected to one’s relationship with animals. But a veterinarian we happen to trust a great deal calls the practice “biologically, inherently cruel,” and from we’ve been able to see the evidence backs that up.

What this is not is anti-hunting. This is in no way connected to responsible gun and bow hunting to put meat on the table and manage the herds. This is about putting dogs at needless risk. We urge you to learn more. Most important we urge hunters and veterinarians to speak up and speak out in as much force as possible. It might be the only way to get lawmakers to reverse this truly bad policy.