Several hundred Madisonians are gathering Tuesday night to honor Kathleen Woit for her 16 years of leadership of the Madison Community Foundation. That set of words alone explains almost all you need to know about Woit…several hundred Madisonians, honor, leadership and Madison Community Foundation.

Woit’s unwavering commitment to Madison, and to the Community Foundation staff and board of directors she nurtured and supported, the trust she inspired in philanthropists of every stripe and level of net worth, and the impact the Community Foundation has had in every corner of the Greater Madison community, has earned her the respect and appreciation of this community’s business, education, non-profit, pubic and civic leaders. Woit always made giving seem worthy and honorable and important, and the directions in which she led the Foundation in using that money has made Madison a better place.

We join those hundreds of Madisonians in simply thanking Woit for everything she’s done.