Editorial: Budget cuts that won't heal

Editorial: Cuts that won't heal

MADISON, Wis. - If we are to be true to our editorial agenda for this year, our analysis of both the state and federal budget proposals must begin with the impact the spending and taxing blueprints will have on children. Despite the lip service paid to families and children, lawmakers often sacrifice their health and well-being at the altar of tax cuts and campaign donors. After all, not many children, nor struggling families, are campaign donors.

The state budget is undergoing big changes in the Joint Finance Committee, so we'll let that process work itself out. But we need to be clear from the beginning that President Donald Trump's budget, and Speaker Paul Ryan's support of it, are the antithesis to "a state where every child thrives," with billions of dollars of cuts to children's health programs, Medicaid and food stamps.

One advocate for kids called them "cuts (that) won't heal." Our children deserve and need better.

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